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Wednesday, 18 June 2014


The Dame sat up late to watch the admirable Jeremy Paxman ride off into the sunset.
But whatever possessed Paxman to involve Boris Johnson in his going?
We all recall wriggling with embarrassment listening to some crude and humourless speech.
Well, watching the Mayor of our great city hamming in up with his silly schoolboy humour, whilst playing the eccentric Englishman, was just as gruesome.
And to discuss the appalling death and injury rates amongst London cyclists as he clowned around on a tandem was sheer bloody bad taste.
The day this man becomes Prime Minister will be the day the Dame sails off to foreign lands aboard SS Hornet.


  1. Boris has always been tiresome. It's his trademark.

    It's more of a concern that Jeremy Paxman didn't look at all well. Let's hope he'll have a good rest before enjoying a very long and well earned retirement and new interests.

  2. I think that Newsnight will struggle without Jeremy Paxman; it will not be quite the same without him at the helm. I wish him the very best of luck and I am sure that whatever he decides to do he will continue to be an excellent journalist and broadcaster.


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