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Tuesday, 19 November 2013


Peasants living on the Dame's Highland estates know better than to complain to her agent about their roofs falling in ....the old harridan specialises in Christmas Day evictions. 
So she has every sympathy for young Rock Feilding Mellen when he tells Scottish villagers to "mind their own business"....
There is one problem....Lord Wemyss and March, Rocky's stepfather is known to be a benevolent landlord, so annoyed he must be, that his good work- and that of the old earl, has been undone by someone not even a blood relation. 
First, we have Rocky causing fury amongst the Norfolk bumpkins and then he motors up to Scotland, causing havoc amongst the Scottish peasantry.
How on earth does Rocky find time for his job as deputy leader? Or maybe it's a good thing his trouble making keeps him away from Hornton Street.

18 November 2013
Anger at aristocrat developer homes plan ‘snub’
VILLAGERS up in arms at plans to build hundreds of homes on their doorstep claim they were delivered an astonishing snub by an aristocratic developer.
Residents in Longniddry say their concerns about proposals for farmland owned by the Earl of Wemyss and March on the edge of the village are being ignored.
And they say that when the plans were criticised at a public meeting attended by about 300 people, the earl’s stepson, Rock Fielding, who is a Tory councillor in Kensington and Chelsea, told them: “The estate will not be dictated to by the village.”
Residents’ group Listen to Longniddry said Mr Fielding’s remark raised the question of whether the estate was ever interested in engaging with the views of local people over its move to develop greenbelt land at substantial profit.
Colin Kemp, spokesman for Listen to Longniddry, said: “As far as the village is concerned, his comment said it all. People feel the whole attitude is arrogant and patronising.”
The development proposal is being put forward by a company called Socially Conscious Capital (SCC), of which Mr Fielding is a director.
The original plan envisaged around 750 new homes on the south side of the east coast rail line, but the proposed development has now been cut to around 400 houses.
An intensive three-day consultation session or “charette” was held on the plans last week – but villagers claim only two or three people attended on two of the days and about a dozen on the third because most people were at work during the day.
The sessions were organised by The Princes Foundation for Building Community, set up by Prince Charles to promote “sustainable urbanism” and employed as consultants on the project.
But Mr Kemp said it was ironic that the foundation was involved in backing plans to build on some of Scotland’s best agricultural land while the prince was guest-editing Country Life magazine and warning about the need to preserve the countryside. “It is as precious as any of our great cathedrals and we erode it at our peril,” Charles wrote.
Mr Kemp said the rail line was a natural boundary to the village and any expansion on the other side seemed a major breach. “People say, if it’s agreed to build some houses there, where does it stop?”
In a statement to the Evening News, Mr Fielding said there were no firm proposals at present. “We could have done this design work behind closed doors, then consulted much later on, but instead we did this first iteration in an open process with resident input,” he said.( Like is done at RBK&C!)
And he added: “My comment in terms of saying that we would not be dictated to by the village has been taken wholly out of context. What I was referring to was that we would not be taking a decision based solely on those assembled in the hall that evening, a fraction of the population of the village as a whole.” The Princes Foundation said it aimed to plan for Longniddry’s sustainable future “while retaining the unique appeal and character its residents cherish”.


  1. Rock has a habit of speaking before engaging brain, thus letting his true thoughts slip out ...

    Not that long ago he referred to the north of the borough as a "dung heap" during a Council meeting. Given that he was one of the Ward Councillors in St. Charles at the time this was hardly the brightest thing to say and at the subsequent Council elections he lost his seat. Some might say that was a nice bit of karma.

    Unfortunately his colleagues are much the same. Following the loss in St. Charles one of his fellow ward Councillors (the large, lumbering, oafish one that's still there) proposed bulldozing all the social housing in St. Charles as that would obviously get rid of everyone who had "voted for the wrong party". This might have been considered a mere joke in poor taste had it not been a suggestion to the leader of the Council.

    His latest comments suggests he feels no compulsion to listen to the "little people". They are a mere nuisance to be fobbed off with a "consultation".

    1. The 'dung heap' comment was first used by Cllr Moylan and then gladly embraced by the other oafish Tories. Thankfully, there are still some decent ones on the Council.

    2. Feilding-Mellen called Wornington Green estate 'a concrete ghetto full of fear and paranoia'. However, a, it is brick built, and b, it has very low crime rates indeed. Oh dear, oh dearie me.

    3. Rock and many of his colleagues live with the delusion that many of the social housing estates in the borough are "no go areas". This view is wrong. A fact the Council, and Councillors of all parties, should actually be proud of. But no, instead we get this kind of tripe from willfully ignorant and bigoted members of the Tory party.

    4. As previously featured on the Hornet:

    5. And the Guardian:

      Rock gets around!

  2. How dare Moylan make such comments....after all, he was bought up in a very working class district of Birmingham. He wants to remember his roots and his Brum accent before he had elocution lessons

  3. All babies throw their toys out of the param

  4. People who lose their temper in public with people that they consider to be socially or intellectually inferior suffer from deep feelings of insecurity and inferiority. They are to be pitied

    1. Pity might suggest that they are or have been unfortunate. But they are not unfortunate. They are more often than not extremely fortunate, with a comfortable upbringing, expensive education and lavish lifestyle and with the knowledge that this is unlikely to change any time soon. Cradle to grave in luxury. The people they insult and demean however are unfortunate - a poor life likely to lead to an early grave.

      If these people are insecure they should get a different job. A job in the public eye invites scrutiny and criticism. Either learn to do the job properly in an honourable and responsible manner and without "losing your temper" with those less fortunate than yourself or push off.

  5. Rocky Boy has obviously shown his true colours here. Perhaps UKIP could highlight his views at the time of the next elections so that people who vote for him really know what sort of idiot they are getting.

  6. A senior so called council 'cabinet' member recently asked a long term N. Kensington resident why so many locals give RBKC such a hard time. The answer lies in the attitude so publicly displayed by the spectacularly stupid Rocky Boy. Many Tory councillors genuinely believe that wealth is a moral attribute in itself.The same Tory councillors will doubtless go to church this Christmas, to celebrate the birth of a pauper child.

    1. Unfortunately Rocky is far from alone.

      As for those who wear Christianity on their sleeve - they are usually the least pious. Sermons about sin, fire and brimstone probably go down well, whilst they simply switch off when compassion and empathy are mentioned.


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