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Friday, 8 November 2013


For decades the Sidney St Chelsea Farmers Market has been an oasis of charm and peace amidst the bustle of Kings Rd. 
During the week-and more particularly, at weekends, it's a magnet for locals and visitors alike. 
Its existence is now threatened....

The intended sale by the Royal Brompton, of surplus acreage for the development of thousands more multi million pound properties for absentee overseas investors, will mean the destruction of this thriving oasis of idiosyncratic charm. 

No one disputes the health service needs capital, but to destroy this Chelsea landmark, when the hospital has ample other acreage to sell will be thoughtless vandalism.

The Sidney Street Farmers market is good for the health of all. 
For thousands, it's a place where they can relaxedly wander and explore, free from the stress and worry of day to day life.

The Sidney Street Farmers Market is irreplaceable: it must be saved for posterity.


  1. Absolute Rubbish, The Site is owned by the Hospital and it wants to build a bigger hospital (center for Excellence) and the Farmers market is where it is planning to do it, (next door to their present Hospital)

    1. You talk absolute bloody bollocks. The hospital DO NOT intend a Centre for Excellence on the Farmers Market site. It is intended to develop as resi with shops below. Why not get your facts straight before accusing the Dame of talking Absolute Rubbish. You are a Know Nothing!

  2. They have other and better sites than this to build a Centre of excellence

  3. From Hammersmith1

    Nicholas Saunders, the creative social entrepreneur, author of Alternative London and founder of Neal's Yard in Convent Garden, established the Farmers Market many moons ago. As an engineer, he also put in the clock tower. It's a brilliant place and I hope will be treasured. If the hospital has other space then let it use that.


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