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Monday, 18 November 2013


Joan has this to say for herself... and it's quite inaccurate. 

When Pooter didn't tell the exact truth he used the excuse, "I was being 'political' ", so it could be that Joan taught her protege, Pooter, that little tactic.

Joan, when a minister, had a meeting with certain local resident association representatives. At the meeting Joan was emphatic that she would not support any government intervention. are being parsimonious with the truth or doing a 'Pooter'..

'As the immediate past Minister for Local Government in the Lords, I have supported a private members bill to restrict Basement development, i also chaired a working group of affected Councils to see what restrictions might be able to be imposed by LAS’s – When a councillor on the planning committee – i was consistently opposed to these developments – recognising the anxt(sic!) they caused neighbours. So, I don’t know where you got the impression that I was against trying to limit or stop their impact. There is, of course, a real dilemma and that is that they are ‘permitted development’ in planning terms – though K&C are working very hard, with their new regulations to do as much as they can to bring them within the planning process.'

' As I am not a Councillor and now not a Minister, I have no means of influencing anything to do with this matter, except to speak as a back bencher if the opportunity arises. I have done as much as I can....


  1. She should be in there working for the interests of her Borough residents. She forgets too easily where she came from and how much she personally owes to K&C.

    1. These people always have excuses about why they cannot do anything, why they already did something, why they are are really perfect but misunderstood. In business it is results that matter. Until results come through it is better not to try and make excuses. For too long the Lady has had an easy ride.

  2. As leader Joan was very pro the views of residents being heard when she was leader, she was exceptional and did the job (until knifed by Pooter) with the utmost integrity. It's surprising that she has now somewhat lost her way but I'm sure a letter campaign would make her see sense. I don't believe she can have changed so much.


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