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Saturday, 9 November 2013


Hapless residents living in and around  59 South Edwardes Square might be forgiven for cursing some mysterious oligarch or Kazakhstan criminal for making their lives a misery as he builds a hated mega, multi level basement. 

If they did, they would be right off target....

Instead their ire should be directed at industrialist/Goldman Sachs banker and  Labour peer, Lord Allen of Kensington!

Allen rarely loses an opportunity to parade his social conscience and Lanarkshire working class origins in the financial pages...what a hypocrite!

But why would Allen and his partner, Michael Fischer, need this vast space? 
Can it be that they plan to do it up and then flog it?

Created 'Lord' Allen by his very good friend, Ed Milliband, Allen has used his money and power to turn South Edwardes Square into his feudal state, whilst he completes his massive renovation. 
When complete it will include a multi level sub basement including an Olympic size subterranean swimming pool!

A nearby resident writes in fury.....

"During the day, South Edwardes Square (the road), has been closed off to traffic for the past 6 weeks, and sometimes it has been inaccessible to pedestrians as well. There are times when it is intermittently open, but for the most part, there is a member of Knight Build, the construction company, standing on the street outside the Scarsdale Pub redirecting traffic. The road around the square is narrow and by necessity, it is a one way traffic system, so in essence, the Square has been largely closed to traffic, and will remain so for the foreseeable future. I understand that the several elderly residents of Pembroke Court (on the SE corner of the Square) and their families are quite worried because in the event of a medical emergency, ambulance accessibility would be very quite difficult."

Lord Allen, the ex boss of Granada and ITV, never misses the chance to pontificate about his charitable work, such as chairing the Board of Trustees of the British Red Cross. 
But, his charitable tendencies don't extend to caring for his neighbours. 
Still, with him being boss of the Red Cross neighbours can relax in the event of that medical emergency.

As one colleague said of him, "he gives the impression of being kindly and avuncular, but will stab you in the back without compunction".


  1. Now I have see it all...Socialist goody goody wrecking peoples' environment!

    1. Person Familiar With The Situatiopn9 November 2013 at 10:45

      Lord Allen and Michael Fischer are planning to start a family

  2. This is a Tory Council. Time to settle some scores

  3. A vulgar Socialist trying to make a statement and draw attention to himself. What a pity that these Lancashire Lads don't just stay up North and give us all a break

    1. Give a yob too much cash and they lose control and go wild. Let a Socialist loose with capitalism and the insects go beserk

    2. According to the article Lord Allen hails from Lanarkshire; not Lancashire! I come from Lancashire and do not wish to be associated with double standards. Talking of Lanarkshire and not Lancashire; the new Lanark Mills come to mind and the genuine work of an honest socilaiste, Robert Owen. In so many the likes of Lord Allen get involved with charity and anything else that sounds socially responsible beause it is good for business and has nothing at all to do with compassion or concern for others..

    3. Apologies Draycott. It is Saturday morning morning and too easy to confuse one L with a different L. But I must confess to being an insular sort of lass and anything North of Watford is really beyond the pale. Sorry

  4. Kensington Resident9 November 2013 at 10:54

    Hopefully this will give Cllr Coleridge and the Planning Department a huge head of political steam to force through the K&C basement reforms. There is now such a huge head of discontent and fury with residents about the basement plague that Coleridge has the mandate to act. The sums are compelling: for every "winner" there are literally hundreds of losers who suffer the noise, nuisance and collateral damage. Its a no brainer: Coleridge need have no fear of the "on the one hand this, on the other hand that. Oh dear, do we need a referendum?"

  5. Campden Resident9 November 2013 at 11:28

    It used to be that Champagne Socialists like Roy Jenkins lived quietly in Ldbroke Grove and drank huge quantities of good Claret. Harmless curiosities who brought some style to the Royal Borough. Oligarchs (universally hated by the old Russians with breeding) we have to pass over as savages who had to flee their country with stolen money and have not had time to learn how to be civilised. But when one of our own, like Pig Allen, chooses to shaft his own kith and kin, it is unforgivable. No doubt the residents of Edwardes Square will do their duty and cast him out when he and his mate try to become "one of us".

  6. The thing that these new rich crave more than anything is to be accepted by Society. Allen is going about things in a mighty strange way. He is already an outcast in Edwardes Square and this will not change. Silly Billy.

    1. The old goat is insensitive as hell. Comes from years of covering his tracks with Michael Fischer

  7. What amazes me is the complete lack of good manners. If I wanted to develop a property I would be very concerned and aware not to cause hardship or unnecessary inconvenience to my neighbours and any damage to the environment including wildlife. In truth, I would tread lightly, not just because this is a beautiful squure but it is just good manners anywhere you are. I cannot stand uncouth behaviour. I do not wish to come over as a prude but it is down to the way people are brought up; some are well educated and others not. In this case Lord Allen appears to fit into the latter bracket.

  8. Why is one individual's egotistical project given precedence over the well being and safety of everyone else on the Square? And why is a public right of way, paid for by the public purse closed for one person's extravagant and self indulgent folly? We are all sick of these selfish basement projects, and this one is particularly egregious, and it will go on for a very long while. It is time for the Council to weigh up the intrinsic merit of each individual proposal against the probable damage and distress caused to neighbouring properties and persons, and instead of automatically approving over 90% of applications, place a far higher priority on protecting the welfare of residents of the Borough.

  9. What a load of rubbish. Yes the building project is a big disruption, but the building was about to fall down! the roof had blown in and it was open to the elements for several years.
    Most of the residents are just glad that someone has come along with enough money and vision to sort this mess out.
    Yes it may be a big project but when it is finished I an sure it will be worth the inconvenience caused to us. Yes I live on south Edwardes Square so I am right on top of this. I can only say that the builders are incredibly polite and helpful.
    The residents have been kept informed right from the projects infancy. I for one am looking forward to seeing the building complete and back to its former glory.


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