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Wednesday, 13 November 2013


Certain members of our grander resident associations find The Dame rather common and parvenu....they have a point.
She does tend to let her 'vulgaire' side peep out 'de temps en temps'
But it now seems even the normally sedate Kensington Society is in full fury with Decaux/BT and their plan to flood our beautiful streets with these hideous constructions. 
If Decaux dared try this in their hometown's 16 arr. they would quickly been told to 'va te faire foutre'

Dear Members,
It is confirmed that one of our worst planning fears will happen.  BT and JC Decaux (the international advertising giant) has won.  Remember the terrible large kiosks proposed and recommended by the planning department to go on a  street near you.  We were able to convince the Planning Applications Committee to refuse all.  The applicants appealed and with the planning departments approval, we were denied the right of a public hearing.  Now the Planning Inspector has recommended that 20 of the appeals – 13 in Kensington and 7 in Chelsea.  
This is an excellent example of the damage that the pre-application process can bring and we shall be addressing that growing problem with Councillor Coleridge urgently.  Mr Bore, Executive Director of Planning and Development, has actually said to the councillors that “Those kiosks that were allowed were in commercial areas where there is other signage (such as very similar signs on bus stops). In allowing the appeals, the Inspector has required existing obtrusive boxes to be removed. The result ought to be an improvement”.  That too is an excellent example of how our own officials ignore public opinion.
There is only one action which could possibly stop this intrusion into our streetscape.  The Council could still refuse to grant a licence to put these advertisements on the pavement.  We ask all of you to press your local councillors to refuse the licence.  At the end of this email is the list of the locations approved and the ward councillors names  Please write to them and copy Councillor Tim Coleridge   – urging them not to issue a licence for this obstruction within the highway.
If one is not in your ward and you do not want these advertisements structures on our streets, please write to the Councillor Paget-Brown, Council Leader and to Tim Coleridge.

This is urgent – please do it today!


  1. Writing to your Councillor is a complete waste of time. They do not reply. They do not read. They do not care.

    1. Owl is not correct. My Ward councillor is Cllr Freeman and he ALWAYS takes note and replies to letters and emails. Three other extremely diligent Councillors are Cllr Borwick, Cllr Mills and Cllr Gardner.

    2. I agree....Cllrs Borwick, Freeman, Mills and Gardner should run a Master Class on how to be an effective councillor

    3. and Dent Coad....she is v good

    4. only in telling lies to the public

  2. That email is really hard to follow.

    I support the Kensington Society's efforts. However, there will be residents who will be left wondering why they did not bother to oppose advertising that is much more obtrusive than this. Could it be that they are being just a little too selective in what they do/don't oppose?

    The same applies to the Chelsea society. They don't seem to care about anything west of Beaufort Street which, strictly speaking, is still Chelsea.

  3. The Kensington Society has a distinguished history in opposing all obtrusive advertising.


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