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Friday, 1 November 2013


The Dame could not resist a little giggle when she read comments from the managing director of that pestilence upon our Borough, Cranbrook Basements.
Under the leadership of Paget-Brown the Council are listening to the massive resident outcry over the industrial mining type activities of companies like Cranbrook. 
Yet, Cranbrook MD, Mr O' Connor has the insolence to infer residents are happy for him to continue with his money making at our expense.

Like Danny Boys Moylan( a great supporter of triplex basements) Mr O'Connor is Irish. Like Danny Boys he has had a real affair with the Blarney Stone. 


The vast majority of Cranbrooks' clients are not local people, desperate to find a little extra space. 
They are the international super rich and their motivation is to make vast profits tunnelling under our Borough. 

They don't give a damn for the disruption and damage they cause creating space for Olympic sized swimming pools or heated spaces for their collections of rare cars. 
One of Cranbrook's putative clients even wanted to put in a basement ballroom!

In writing this sort of nonsense O'Connor digs a hole for himself as deep as one of his nuisance basements. 
In a particularly asinine comment O' Connor tells us,  "It's not the 1970s any more when councils could do whatever they wanted".
In other words, councils have to look after the wallets of the likes of Mr O'Connor!
The Council and Cllr Coleridge are to be praised for standing up for residents against a clique of greedy overseas property owners whose sole interest is self interest.
Keep it up Coleridge! You have them on the run.......

MD Kevin O'Connor said: “Accusing developers of aggressively objecting and derailing a proposed policy that was based on no evidence whatsoever is nothing short of an outrage. How dare they lay the failure of their policy at our door! They are letting their residents down. They should have done their homework instead of taking the industry on with a non evidence based policy change.."  


  1. Go for him Tim! Jumped up businessmen who decide to take on Government have lost their senses

    1. Cllr Coleridge has come into his own. At last he has a platform and is showing great Leadership and determination to rid the residents of the Royal Borough of the basement plague that has made so many lives a misery in recent years. Even Westminster is following his lead.

  2. The Council's basement consultation was the biggest in the history of K&C. More than one year and more than 1000 written submissions in addition to numerous workshops and meetings. Mr O'Connor needs to be taught a lesson of democracy

    1. Coleridge has told the world the way it is going to be. The reptilian Irish builder had better start to listen otherwise Cranbrook Basements Ltd will become very limited indeed

  3. A very unwise attack on Cllr Coleridge and the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea by this product of a minor public school. Mr O'Connor needs to be firmly put in his place. The people of Kensington have spoken. It is very clear where public opinion lies

    1. Mr O'Connor is new to this game. He obviously needs good PR advice about how promote his case. So far he has broken every rule in the book. He has worked hard to build his business, Cranbrook Basements, that specialises in deep excavations in high value properties for high net worth individuals. He makes huge profits at the expense of the community. Just like the slave owners did.

  4. Could not agree more....For the first time, in many, many years, the Council under the new leader has heard, listened and acted. Every resident is threatened by the greed of the these dubious off shore billionaires of dubious backgrounds who threaten our ability to quietly enjoy our property. As Owl wisely says....O' Connor needs to understand the people have spoken and they don't like him and his vulgar basements

  5. This jumped up Irishman has challenged Hornton Street. The question is who governs the Borough? Our elected representatives or developer spivs? Time for Cllr Coleridge to get out his insect swatter. And deliver a sharp blow

    1. Officers will be looking at Cranbrook basement applications in a new light. Owners better beware

  6. Kensington Resident2 November 2013 at 08:31

    History teaches us the dangers when vested interests attack democratically elected Governments


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