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Thursday, 14 November 2013


NO 1

What to make of near invisible MP, Sir Malc Les Rifkind?

We do know he is a real survivor. 
He has worked his way through various ministerial jobs in successive Conservative governments.....not bad for a lowly law lecturer from Scotland, suffering a charisma bypass. 

He is also well connected.... being cousins with Sam and Leon Brittan, Michael Howard and the shamed Gerald Ronson.

Malc loves to hobnob with Scottish Tory grandees. 
One weekend, on the estate of some laird or other, Malc was taken by one of the ghillies to catch a monster salmon lurking in a river pool. 
To the fury of the ghillie Malc failed abysmally. 
From that day forth the pool was known as 'Rifkind's Pool'.

During the Bosnian War Malc was dead against military intervention, yet recently he was gung ho for us to support the various jihadists fighting in Syria....weird!

Malc has ignominiously fallen behind Karen Buck in supporting her Ten Minute Motion. It should have been his Bill.

Much of Malc's time is devoted to his extra Parliamentary affairs.
These make him one of the most lucratively paid of MP's. On top of his MP's salary he collects a further £300,000 a year from his NED's. 
Of course, with all those directorships he has had no time to connect up with his constituent's anger over monster basements.

The fact that he has no time for constituents comes as no surprise....he can't even be bothered to hold constituency surgeries!

It's time the Association selected a replacement: one who will actually answer letters and emails and treat constituents with some respect.


  1. Change is long overdue. Kensington urgently needs a Constituency MP who knows where the Borough is. Greg Hands MP who works in neighbouring Chelsea is a good example of what an MP should be. Check out their websites. The comparison is sobering.

  2. The man is worse than useless. Hangs on in there because he needs the MP title to keep up his appearances on Radio 4 Today Programme and to give his non Exec colleagues the warm fuzzy feeling that they are dealing with a "superior being". In fact his multi jobbing is even worse than the reptile Moylan

  3. Sir Malcolm needs all the money he can get because his wife is seriously ill and they don't use the NHS. The next MP for Kensington is to be Boris Johnson, so expect more of the same posturing (Alan Clarke, Michael Portillo, etc.). The last decent MP we had was Sir Brandon Rhys-Williams.

    1. Boris Johnson for Kensington? Oh dear god no! He will make us a laughing stock. We need someone with intelligence and dignity.

  4. Malcolm Rifkind is a very keen Zionist....Israel...right or wrong. It makes nonsense ever having had a Foreign Secretary who loyalty, second to that of the UK, was to Israel

  5. Rifkind will go to the House of Lords.

    1. It is high time that the House of Lords was kept for worthy and useful citizens who have contributed in public life and not devoted themselves to decades of self interest. Another retread like Rifkind will further devalue respect for our politicians

  6. Rifkind is of absolutely no use to the residents of Kensington and Chelsea. Hell will freeze over before he gives any of a second thought

  7. I don't have any time for Rifkind but I think there's both no chance whatso that he won't be reselected by the Kensington Association and waiting for the next election will probably produce a far better pool of candidates to pick from

    There were nearly 150 newly elected Conservative MPs at the last election-even if the party does reasonably well at the next election a number of high quality, relatively young. Members will lose their seats. Both K and C Constituencies have had a recent history of nearly always selecting former MPs to stand-I think only once in 40 years has this not been the case.

    Of course in hindsight we might have all been better off if at the 1995 reselection that Nicholas Scott survived-if they'd selected Michael Fallon rather than picking Scott and then booted him out a year later inflicting Clarke, Portillo and Rifkind on the electorate...


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