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Friday, 15 November 2013


Just when one thought Pooter Cockell has been consigned to the skip of local government history up he pops in Harrogate. 
There he was blathering on about a subject he knows Sweet FA about.
Pooter had been invited to speak at the National Children and Adult Services Conference, but, being devoid of original thought on any subject…. least of all social services, he asked Andrew Webb, President of the ‘trade body’, the Association of Directors of Children’s Services, what to say. So Andy tells Pooter to come out with this self serving nonsense, 
This negative model for improving children's services is driving an exodus of professionals that will undermine, not improve services."
In other words....'get your tanks off our lawn"
Pooter then went on to imply that social services professionals who fail in their job should not be ‘named and ashamed’
Pooter’s comments came the very day after Ofsted reported that one in seven councils in England are inadequate at caring for some of the most vulnerable children in society, while the standard of child protection at 20 councils is "unacceptably poor".

What a shame Pooter did not stick to his original job as a cigarette salesman. 
He is quite out of his depth in any area requiring intellectual analysis.
Pooter’s job as LGA chairman ends in May so bang goes his £55,000 a year.
That…and the £75,0000 a year he got as leader of K&C, allowed him to support his family ‘on the tax’ and pay for big dinners at the Fat Duck.

It will be interesting to see how he intends to support himself now that the financial rug has been pulled from under him.


  1. Oh dear. An imploded ego.

  2. Cllr Cockell is in a bad place. Having lost the Leadership of Kensington and Chelsea, and not made it to the Lords, he now faces extinction next May at the Local Government Association. Our boy likes to make a splash but is running out of ideas. He now seems to be reduced to speaking about Children's Services.

    But here is the thing. There is hope. He has the opportunity to make ONE LAST BIG BANG. Basements!

    Karen Buck MP has launched an Early Day Motion in the House of Commons calling for legislation to outlaw the plague of mega basements that is afflicting London. Good for Karen. But she needs support. Lots of support. Sir Malcolm Rifkind MP is one of the supporters of Karen's bill. But this is not enough. Much more is needed.

    Enter Sir Cockle. He has it in his power to rally the London Group of the Local Government Association to add their voice of support to the Karen Buck initiative. Lets hope he seizes the opportunity and delivers something useful for Londoners.


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