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Wednesday, 13 November 2013


Predictably the Council have rolled over under pressure from the dictatorial headmaster of Holland Park Academy, Colin Hall. 
We all guessed this would happen:we are used to being lied to.....
At the Family and Children's Services Scrutiny Committee tonight council officers will tell the Committee that the Academy has twisted their arms behind their backs  and forced them to accept something called a Community Use Agreement to replace the Planning Condition. The Planning Condition set in stone the concept that the entire taxpaying community would be free to use all facilities, including the pool: after all, it has already cost them the thick end of £80 million!
The new agreement, worked up by the officers and the Academy promotes the lie that the new agreement actually extends, rather than confines, use!
It should be remembered that the grant of planning permission was conditional upon full and open use by residents. The Council has no right to bend to the will of the Academy at the expense of local taxpayers who funded it.

Hopefully, the former Deputy Chief Executive of K&C and now Chairman of the Academy's Board of Governors, Mrs Carrie, will be able to remember it was no draft agreement, but a total commitment, as part of the planning consent. 
Can anyway enlighten the Dame as to the exact amount Mrs Carrie carried off when she left RBK&C? 
Surely never £600,000? 
But, if it was, she certainly owes us!
What a milch cow is local government......


  1. Last five blogs regarding Planning scandals. It is very clear that the Planning Dept is failing residents. This needs to be reviewed, urgently.

    1. Wheels within wheels here. A Leader of the Council who was hoping for a place in the House of Lords and wanted to make a splash with a luxury school. A Headmaster who saw his chance of a "free kitchen" and went along with the fornication. A Director of Education who smiled quietly and then took her place as Chairman of the School Governors. Residents who argued for use of the use of out of hours facilities and were granted this. And then got shafted.

      This is democracy Royal Borough style

    2. Sounds like the Masons are at work again. The Council is riddled with them. Plus, of course, the other "club"

  2. What a terrible example the Headmaster, one Colin Hall, is giving to his pupils. He is supposed to be teaching them about honesty and integrity. But behaving in quite a different way. Two faced little runt

  3. Use of the school sports facilities by the local community is a condition precedent of the Planning Permision granted by the Council. There is nothing further to discuss. The condition must be implemented.

    1. The Headmaster and the Council are underestimating the determination of the Chairman of the Campden Hill Residents Association. And he has his members four square behind him.

  4. The Director of Planning, the appropriately named Mr Bore, has been very unwise to enter into a dialogue with the intention of reversing a Major Planning Decision. Job security is the first thing that flashes across my mind.

  5. Besides gold plated pensions; virtual jobs for life and private sector salaries another bonus is the arrangement of huge payoffs for failure. No wonder the Dame is pushing for Ludo to have a career in local government!

  6. I have heard from several reliable sources that deliberate damage has been done to the interior of Thorpe Lodge by Colin Hall and his henchmen. It is Grade II listed and a fabulous example of its period, with exquisite internal tiling and panelling, amongst many other notable architectural features. Caretaking staff were asked to leave an assortment of tools in the building over a weekend without being told why, and severe damage seen as a result. I have scoured the internet for information about reporting this anonymously to English Heritage but found nothing. I am hoping that someone picks up this post and takes action before this beautiful building is destroyed beyond repair. Hall has no interest in it as it doesn't fit in with his monochrome and minimalist style, but he cannot be allowed to get away with this wilful destruction Somebody please help and stop him!! He is now breaking the Law, and whilst he has dodged many bullets, surely even he is not above that??


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