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Wednesday, 28 November 2012


  1. When the Dame reads a comment from 'Person Familiar 

    with The Situation' she drops everything and rushes to 

    find her tortoiseshell lorgnette. 

    Who is this secret admirer of the Dame? He/she seems  

    bien branche( the Dame has an English language 

    typewriter) with the affairs of our very Rotten Borough?  

    Anyway, rarely is PFWTS wrong so we had better be 


    Here is an artist's impression of Br'um Boy with The 


    His great friend, Buffy Buckmaster, is tutoring him in

    matters of etiquette....


    Person Familiar with The Situation28 November 2012 05:49

    "The ball is in play and the situation is very 

    unstable. Cllr Cockell wants to hang on to his SRA as Leader of K&C 

    but is finding that he has less and less time (and diary clashes) 

    because of his main job at the Local Government Association. He is 

    hoping for a second chance at the House of Lords and is using his 

    friends to lobby David Cameron - elevation would ease a loss of 

    earnings from K&C and provide the status and pomp that he yearns 

    for. For the time being he needs to keep his options open and does 

    not want the boat to rock before May 2013 when he needs to commit 

    for another year in Hornton Street. Cockell realises that Cllr Moylan is 

    the wild card. Unhappy and marginalised at the GLA, Moylan is 

    starting to feel that he needs to find new pastures. And he is quite 

    capable of a unilateral challenge to Cockell for the Leadership of K&C, 

    something that he did before losing by only a single vote. And that was 

    the Chairman's casting vote. Cockell understands the threat and has 

    offered Moylan the position of Mayor of Kensington and Chelsea in 

    2013. This would remove the threat for one more year. It is not known 

    if Cllr Moylan has accepted the offer"

  2. Once again democracy and the interests of voters is subordinated to the personal machinations of K&C politicians. This blatant horse trading should be stopped. It is time for an intervention by ex MP and Ward Chairman, Mathew Carrington, Chairman of Kensington, Chelsea and Fulham Conservatives. Mathew is a person of integrity and this kind of thing should not be happening on his watch


  1. Time for those dusty files to be taken out and put in the public domain I think. I know it's scary but we absolutely cannot have that man in a position of authority in K&C.


  2. I agree....after Lamont, Phelps et al can the Royally Rotten Borough withstand the scandal of another
    mayor with 'history'.

  3. EX BOROUGH COMMANDER28 November 2012 at 09:20

    In the light of our sad experience with ex Cllr and Mayor Barry Phelps and his obsession with images of boys sent out on the RBKC server all mayors should be checked out for signs of similar seems to be an issue with our Council

  4. This is an accurate summary of the current situation in Hornton Street. Cllr Cockell knows that Cllr Moylan would not be successful in a Leadership election. He has upset too many people and apart from his friend Cllr Buckmaster, he is universally hated. But if Moylan became a stalking horse it would trigger a fight and force the others (Cllrs Ahern, Lightfoot, Coleridge) to stand. If the threat of Moylan standing can be removed then there is a tacit understanding with the others that they will not throw their hats into the ring unless Cllr Cockell gives them the "nod". He has put it about that K&C does not want a "Thatcher leadership situation" and the mugs have fallen for it

    1. You useless scribbler. If Moylan stands no chance why should Cockell worry if he stands against him?

    2. Don't be idiotic...he explains for the brighter of us....Moylan becomes a stalking horse and incites a leadership battle...NOW CONCENTRATE!

    3. Go easy on 9.37. Clearly the son of a rocket scientist

  5. Cllr "Rock" can also be expected to stand as Leader at the first opportunity. Of course he would not win but it puts down a marker for the future. His friend Cllr Fiona Buxton (inventor of Chelsea Care) is urging him on

  6. When Cllr Moylan was Deputy Leader the Officers had a very hard time. "Hard" in the bad sense of the word

  7. When Phelps was Mayor he was so boorish and bullying towards the staff in the Mayor's Parlour that they had to lodge a formal complaint about it. Phelps was duly reined back. How much worse will their fate be if this horrific scenario should come to pass?

  8. I wonder if Mayor Buffy Buckmaster has taken note of the Dame's displeasure over Official invitations to disgraced ex Cllr Phelps and struck him from the Christmas Party jamboree? Important to get the Dame's wish actioned because Moylan will also be inclined to fete the dreadful Phelps. And while on the subject, an FOI will be sent in January to the Town Hall to establish exactly how many "friends and family" Buffy invited to his Christmas bash. The precedent he set in May of asking 104 "friends and family" to his Mayor making party must not be repeated

    1. Buffy is in a demob fame of mind. He will not be standing at the next election and his successor as Ward Councillor for Campden has already been appointed (subject only to the formality of election by residents). Our ex Africa hand believes that the Borough "owes him" and we can expect largess where Mayoral invites are concerned. It has all gone to their heads. The Mayoress loves riding around in the Bentley - cant get enough of it. Her nose in the air as the car speeds up Campden Hill is something to behold

    2. Dame, this is pure mischief. The Deputy Mayor, Cllr Victoria Borwick, never drive up and down Kensington in the Bentley. Nor would she ever stick her nose in the air. And anyway, she has a Bentley of her own

    3. 15.21 it is you who are wrong. There are three of them. The Mayor. The Mayoress (not Mrs Buckmaster) and the Deputy Mayor (Cllr Borwick). It is the Mayoress who has the problem. The Bentley unfortunately has gone to her head. She is now ever so grand. Cllr Victoria Borwick is above all of this trivia. She has class

  9. 12.33 How wrong you are. Moylan and Phelps - pure hatred between them!

    1. This is too absurd to be true. The one good reason to elect Cllr Moylan to be Mayor is to get disgraced ex Cllr Phelps struck off from the Town Hall invitation list!!!!

      Its a funny old world


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