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Friday, 23 November 2012


This is a hard hitting comment from an observer at the planning meeting.


Anonymous 11:56 writes

"Were the people mentioned in these allegations Capco associates 
or grateful residents? 
It is important to establish their identity. After the decision had 
been announced, what I witnessed - as did another 
observer known to me who expressed outrage - was a visibly 
delighted Miss Flight giving the thumbs-up sign (why? and to 
whom?) and being kissed and hugged by numerous well-wishers; 
unlikely, I would have thought, to be any of the hundreds of 
objectors agog at the curious proceedings they had just witnessed - 
where slides shown of buildings proposed for (Demolished) 
Exhibition Square were explained away as not a realistic 
representation of what would ultimately be built there. Utterly 
pertinent points from objector and some councillors were glossed 
over without what I consider to be proper and meaningful debate/ 
scrutiny. That, inter alia, the developers should be asked on the 
spot, and after quick discussion, could breezily agree a school be 
built on grounds previously earmarked for other development was 
astonishing. That is is the sort of scenario one expects when 
haggling on a garage forecourt for a discount on a £500 old 
banger.Many residents have expressed their unease to me about the 
neutrality of various key players in these matters. Would it be 
helpful if Mr Bore were invited to go on record stating that he and 
his entire staff have at all times remained totally impartial and 
have not acted in any way that might prejudice the outcome of this 
application or give any unfair advantage to any interested party? 
At the very least, I would suggest Miss Flight's reaction - a giddy 
Oscar winner springs to mind - was ill-judged and utterly 
inappropriate in such sensitive circumstances.

Also Cllr.Warrick expressed surprise to see so many people present' as if knocking down the Exhibition Centre were a small matter of little concern. Some 300 letters of objection had been sent in and yet Cllr. Warrick only allowed 3 minutes to each dissenting speaker. Many gabbled their words.
Doubtless, Cllr Warrick was surprised...he has built up the reputation for being a lazy and thoroughly disinterested councillor, rarely responding to residents. Considering his practice claims to specialise in planning issues one have thought he would have known of the huge interest in this 'issue'....silly fella'!

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