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Friday, 30 November 2012


Ironic that Cllr Lightweight, authors 'We Have No Money Left' yet languidly allow the ludicrous Tot Brill and her gang to waste hundreds of thousands of pounds on her folie de grandeur projects. Typical economist!

Tot, in salary and pension etc, costs the taxpayer over £150,000 a year.....not bad for someone who started out making puppets!
Below, are examples of what she commissioned to 'celebrate' Exhibitionist Rd (odd how this Council is always-with our money-celebrating some useless thing or other)

The Dame's finance man is now calculating the overall costs of the Exhibitionist Rd fiasco, but to give an example of just one idiocy:the lavishly and expensively produced book, 'Road Stories' is now a 'collectible'-the thousands of others...pulped!

As for the little radio seen here...well, it was never used. Appropriately enough, like the road, it was 'Made in China.'


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  1. We used to wonder how Tot Brill was ever appointed. One thing that is obvious when you work at RBKC is that you never get promoted. There are many people among the workforce who would have been much better suited to her post than she was but there's a paranoia about ever recognising the skills of the officer team.

    The consequence is that someone inept is brought in from outside and this is what you get.


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