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Thursday, 29 November 2012


According to one of the Dame's many Hornton Street sources Pooter Cockell boasts that when he tells Mayor Boris to jump Boris asks, "How high?" 
"Lord in Waiting" Pooter Cockell has commanded the Mayor to 'wait upon him' when the mayor  returns from his fun trip to India. 
Pooter is under increasing attack for taking £1300 a week from RBK&C taxpayers for doing nothing.
So to prove how busy he is Pooter phones City Hall and orders Boris to drop his safeguarding of Cremorne Wharf Pier. If successful Pooter can then flog the land off to one of his Hong Kong friends. 
Boris has always seen Pooter as the Captain Mainwaring of local government, so it will be interesting to see how he reacts to Pooter's threat....hopefully Boris will tell the jumped up little chap to jump in the Thames.


  1. Dame, what does this mean? "Drop the safeguarding of Cremone Wharf?" Please explain

  2. Better watch out. Boris is a politician and if he "deals" then he will want something in return. Moylan is in play and and the obvious move is for Boris to ask Cockell to "take the menace off my hands"

  3. About a year ago the Council put on an Exhibition in the Chelsea Academy showing the models and plans for the revamped Cremorne site. Flats, offices and landscaped gardens. It seemed to be a Council inspired and designed scheme. Very strange.

    After the disasters of the Wedge, Chelsea Care, Exhibition Road, Holland Park Opera and the "Concorde" school in Holland Park, is the Council now going into Real Estate development funded by council tax?

    1. Cllr Elizabeth Campbell will be drafted in as Chief Financial Officer. This is the Bird Brain who knows how to spend £billions that costs nothing

  4. Tired Tory Councillor30 November 2012 at 07:24

    Don't be silly 06.08, all the Council wants is PERMISSION to build another supersuperprime development, so that they can bump up the price when Thames Water/whoever comes knocking.

    This is the work of Property Director Clark, who would gladly sell his granny with one hand while playing 'Find the Lady' with the other. He appears to work hand in glove with property developers, is empire-building and very sharp indeed - while treating Councillors with utter contempt as the dupes and idiots many of them are.

    Clark arrives at external meetings with an entourage of up to eight officers who have no idea why they are there. They just sit there feigning interest, while bolstering his ego and authority.

  5. As everyone knows Boris is clever it will be interesting to see how he pushes the little twit into a long jump off a short pier.

    7.08 is right Clark is dangerous for this borough, and as for the remaining officers they want their jobs and will crawl over anyone no matter who they are or how vulnerable they are. Very few honourable officers that care about residents left in that town hall.

    How much property are they selling off? For example the hospital in north Kensington that is no longer there as it has been flattened by developers, my understanding is that was built by residents?

  6. Cremorne Wharf must have planning permission so that when Thames Water finally realise that they need it, it will cost them an arm and a leg to purchase it from the Council. This is the Cockell/E. Campbell tactic of getting money from nothing, but the brains behind this belong to the New Zealander with the impenetrable accent, Michael Clark. At the moment the Wharf is worth very little, but with the planning permission in place, it will be worth squillions. The Council doesn't really want to develop it, it just wants the money.


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