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Saturday, 17 November 2012


Great business leaders plan their succession by identifying and nurturing the man or woman to succeed them.
Humble local politicians like Pooter Cockell love to imagine they run a ' business' conveniently forgetting business has to generate profits, whilst a local council can be as profligate as it wishes raiding residents' bank accounts to splurge on 'white elephants' like Exhibitionist Rd or Holland Park School.
Cockell has clung to power for fourteen years. Attempts to dislodge him fail miserably. In those fourteen years Cllr Cockell has drawn a very generous allowance-hugely disproportionate to the size of running a small, compact Borough like RBK&C. 
No wonder he refuses to step down....what a great little earner!


But the Dame hears the end of empire is fast approaching.... knives are being sharpened.....scheming councillors huddle in the shadows as a wounded Pooter desperately tries to keep a grip on power. 
Pooter once denied ever using the  new Bentley he forced upon the Council. Challenged by Justin Downes he explained the lie as having been 'political'! 
Yes, Pooter's world is very different to ours......
So what is Pooter's latest attempt to hang on to his £130,000 a year? 
To councillors asking when he is buggering off he has the gall to say..." I can't yet...David has asked me to stay on to manage the Tri Borough project"!
So when Pooter is finally bundled out of the Town Hall who could succeed him?
There are four front runners: Nick Paget-Brown, Tim 'Oirish' Ahern, 'Squeaker' Lightfoot and Tim Coleridge.

The Dame will be taking a look at the credentials of each over the next few days.......


  1. Person Familiar With The Situation17 November 2012 at 16:48

    A new imperative has arisen and Cllr Cockell has decided that is essential for him to remain as Leader of K&C for at least one more year. More to follow

    1. Cllr Cockell should just go; does he not realise (or care)that the longer he remains the worse it will get. What is true is that Sir Merrick knows that he will never get another job like this and simply for very selfish reasons he is loathed to give somebody else a chance (it has nothing to do with being wanted)! I think it is time for the Councillors to make representations demanding that he resigns. Of the four councillors named above I am sure that any of them could do a better job than Cllr Cockell. I hope that Sir Merrick has noted what has happened to John Prescott in Hull because the same could happen here in Kensington and Chelsea.

  2. Difficult to dump a Leader who has turned into a liability. But it has to be done. Some brave souls managed it with Thatcher. In comparison, Cockell should be a push over


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