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Thursday, 15 November 2012

Dame Nominated For Mayor's Award

A reader writes….

Dear Dame

We downtrodden residents of the Rotten Borough have watched as in just a couple of years you have become a force to be reckoned with.
You have nurtured the delicate flower of democracy and protected it from the rampages of Pooter Cockell….you are a legend in your enormously long lifetime. You deserve recognition

I hope fellow Dame followers will agree there is only one reward which would truly recognise your tenacity and commitment to democratic ideals.

Mayor to 'celebrate' the Dame?
On the Coucil website I see that there exists the Mayor’s Award. In the blurb ‘Buffy’ Buckmaster tells us.....

“The Mayor's Awards ceremony formally acknowledges the positive difference made by those who live or work in the Royal Borough. The award is given to people who make an outstanding contribution to their local community and add significantly to the quality of life of those around them”

There is no doubt that you, The Dame, are one such person.

I encourage everybody to write/email, in the first instance, to our absentee leader, Cllr Sir Pooter Cockell nominating the Dame for this most glorious award. He can be found-when not at the LGA-at Please email him.....

With Kind Regards

Fan of the Dame


  1. Huzzah for the Dame!
    What an opportunity to run a Consult the People Campaign! Except, of course, that we have only 14 people registered, of which only 1 is in RBKC :(


  2. I have emailed 'Dear Leader' to support this well deserved award, but received an 'auto-response' saying that Dear Leader was at the LGA.

  3. Readers should take this suggestion seriously. The Dame has worked hard for residents and has made a difference. I, for sure, will be writing to the Mayor

  4. I could not agree more with the sentiment expressed. An award for the Dame please

  5. If I was the Mayor I would ignore such a silly letter as it does not have a real name signing it

    1. CLLR MATTHEW PALMER15 November 2012 at 16:42

      Sumone is pretending to be me. If it is me their will be sum spellin mistakes

    2. The Dame NEVER identifies those who write to her. Their identities are never revealed to prevent unpleasant people like you causing them trouble.

  6. The puzzle is "Which Dame will receive the reward?" There are so many of the gentle ladies......

    1. Whatever do you mean 16.32? Do you think this award might draw the Dame out of her bijou 4-bed Knightsbridge mews house? Or are you saying there is more than one?

      Who are they, then? We're dying to know.

    2. For the sake of clarity, please let me have the name and address of the Dame so that an invitation can be sent by the Mayor if he is so minded

    3. And who, Dear Sir, might you be? Cllr Buckmaster has the Dame's address in Knightsbridge, so really has no need of you to stick your nose in...push off pleae


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