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Sunday, 25 November 2012


It seems as if David Cameron might have his uses....
He is to increase the number of Lords and we will see another bunch of political 'has beens' getting their hands on £42,000 a year for 'turning up'. Pooter has persuaded Cameron that he deserves a peerage-just like his mate, Lord Hanningfield of Troughing.
So what has this to do with the Rotten Borough? Well, the Conservative group are so enfeebled that they dare not launch a coup to rid themselves of a man who lives so luxuriously off the taxpayer.
Pooter has nowhere to go if he steps down as leader, but the situation changes if Cameron persuades the other political parties to go with his plan to make up another hundred peers....there will then be a place for Pooter

The Lords is one fantastic waste of money. It is ironic Cameron can lecture the Eurocrats on waste, yet inflict one hundred more wastrels on us.

Still, if he grants Pooter his obsessional desire for a peerage it might mean we could, at last, be free of Cockell.

But.....a warning. Pooter will try to persuade the gang that the PM is determined that he, Pooter, should also stay on as Leader in order to..."manage the Tri-Borough merger". Do not be taken in . Show Pooter the door and take his £70k/year off him!


  1. Another massive devaluation in the concept of Public Service. Putting Pooter in the Lords would be a signal that Self Service has become the name of the game in the Modern Conservative Party. Modern day politicians never learn - another kick in the teeth for democracy

  2. CLLR MATTHEW PALMER25 November 2012 at 19:22

    I have none the Leader for many years and I say we should celebrate the recognition for the years of tyreless and thankless service he has put in. He gave up a hugely successful career as Chief Executive of a huge multinational trading comglomarate and a £4 million a year salary so he could devote himself to leading the Royal Borough into the sunlit uplands...
    I fink that all residence should contribute to a fund to have a painting of Sir Merrick in his rigalia.
    Well done, Sir Merrick...we celebrate with you.

    1. And so say all of us

    2. If this really is Palmer posting he's more stupid than we ever gave him credit for when I worked at RBKC and believe me, we knew he was very, very stupid.

  3. Cllr Palmer
    I find it most disappointing that you can comment with such a number of spelling and factual errors.
    I think you mean 'tireless'...'tyreless' means something very different. As to Sir Merrick's past business life...what nonsense. The man had a 'one man and a dog' affair in the basement under the Conservative offices in Manor St....hardly a vast international Glencore type enterprise. The company, Abingdon Cockell was liquidated. If you want to puff smoke up Pooter ample posterior get it right...or is this just a joke?

  4. I find this news quite exasperating; if it is true, I think David Cameron and the Conservative party have completely lost it.

  5. St Charles Resident25 November 2012 at 23:02

    Dame, please use your influence with with DC to ensure that Sir Pooter is elevated to the HoL. The HoL is powered by hot air and feeble brains and Sir Pooter would be in his element there. In such a place, he can do little harm. It is the only way of getting him out of the Royal Borough that he is destroying.

    1. Yes, I suppose it is one way of looking at the sad state of democracy in this country. Another question of course, is who if Sir Merrick moves on, will replace him? Is there any possibility at all of Daniel Moylan being the next leader of the council? After all, he has a reputation of getting his way.

    2. Moylan is not the person. He likes to play with a train set. A huge train set. Like Nero, he will build massive train sets that will make Exhibition Rd look like a Dinky Toy. All funded by Council Tax. Cannot take a risk with this person. Pity, because if he had the right mind set he could slim down and straighten out Hornton Street

    3. The trouble is that Pooter has already been promoted beyond his competance which was the traditional public sector way of getting rid of people, it also made sure that nothing was done. Can you promote and incompetant to a higher level and make sure less is achieved?

      Having worked alongside Pooter for many years, the idea of him as a Lord is to say the least amusing. It really would help with the dissolution of the House of Lords if that's the calibre of person who is being appointed.

  6. Friend of Hyacinth27 November 2012 at 06:16

    Cllr Moylan would be a gift to the residents of Kensington and Chelsea if he became Leader. Mayor Buckmaster is a huge supporter


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