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Friday, 30 November 2012


A psephologist from The Dame's political Think Tank has considered the Rotherham results..........

Here's what he thinks...

.....Nigel Farage is all pumped up by a set of by election results that can't be written off as the 'mid term blues' effect. 
Thanks to the splendid splenetic rhetoric of the formidable Dame, RBK&C Tories are beginning wake from decades long slumber and ponder whether the Majority Party are fit for purpose. 
At local elections UKIP traditionally fare badly.... principally because they put up god awful candidates. 
But, with the UKIP bandwagon rolling, better quality candidates will emerge-candidates that might resonate with tired Tories.
The Dame has met Mr Farage a couple of times. She was surprised to hear him boasting he intended to target some flagship Tory councils mentioning the Rotten Borough as a prime target.
Was this just the claret speaking? Whether it was or not-it should strike fear into some of our lazy, unfit for purpose, Tory councillors. It should militate them to get rid of Pooter asap and replace him with someone carrying less Virgin Upper Class baggage.




  1. I agree....K&C is fallow ground for UKIP. UKIP candidates will not get kicked off the doorsteps of the Royal Borough. They are on a roll and may roll on quite a few of the lazy, corrupt councillors who represent their own interests rather than residents....methinks a lot of sweaty cllrs!!

  2. I've never really seen the attraction of Farage et al - until you put them up against Pooter and then... I could be convinced to vote for UKIP even if it was just to protest.

  3. Tired Tory Councillor1 December 2012 at 09:26

    Dear Dame, you are quite rude about K&C UKIP candidates, yet David Coburn seems to be a fine and friendly fellow and very hard-working out with his little van delivering leaflets during our innumerable by-elections.

    Just don't ask him about his policies. UKIP may be in for a bit of a 'protest vote' boost, and that would be fun, but their policies are vile.

    We need more intelligent and thoughtful Tories with their heart in the right place, not more homophobic and immigrant-loathing invective.

    Remember this.

  4. Tired Tory Councillor1 December 2012 at 11:31

    Oh dear, oh dearie me. A round of phone calls has unearthed total panic in the Conservative inner circle due to the possible effects of ward boundary changes. Some very unseemly behaviour is ensuing, with certain Councillors - who believe they have a God-given right to rule - insisting they are moved from wards that may be under threat from Liberal Democrat (hardly!) or UKIP candidates - thereby ousting the lesser mortals they like to call 'ballast'(so rude!).

    They cannot agree the best way forward and many are trying to rally forces behind THEIR preferred option. This must all be decided by Monday, so officers are working overtime, which is quite unfair and underlines some very poor behaviour indeed.

    All of this is symptomatic of weak (and absent) leadership of course.


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