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Sunday, 25 November 2012


Big mouth Kwasi Kwarteng is atypical of much of the new MP intake...he just can't resist any opportunity, however poorly judged, to get into the press.
Apart from working as a financial analyst for 'Committed Christian' hedgie, Crispin Odey, (who built the fabled £130,000 henhouse-very Christian!) Kwasi has never had a proper job-unless you count shorting stocks.

Kwarteng knows nothing of the travails of ordinary working people, thus no surprise he is an avid supporter of the Cable plan. The plan would force the elderly-often income poor, but asset comfortable, to sell their homes: it is a form of social cleansing unknown previously in this country.

But, in his pursuit of this daft property tax our brainbox overlooks a sequential effect..... landlords will pass the tax onto their tenants!

If Kwarteng reads the papers he will know London rental values are rocketing and will continue to do so.

Taxing £1 million/ £2 million homeowners will create a ripple effect: it will force up rental values throughout London. 

Everybody will suffer...... Kwasi Kwarteng should have thought about that before throwing his ample weight behind a crass idea.


  1. Another Etonian on the make.

  2. Such a tax in Kensington and Chelsea would be devastating for the elderly. This spiv of an MP needs to visit a few GPs Surgeries to find out exactly what their typical patient list looks like. The elderly living on reduced means and fixed incomes in high value homes. Moving is not an option - it kills the elderly. And as Cllr Lightfoot found out when he did his market research for Chelsea Care the elderly of the Borough would not pay for the services because they were pinching and scraping to keep equity in their homes to pass on to children. Children who will get hammered with £1 million of death duties.

    Is this Kwasi guy a Conservative?

  3. Where is the pathetic Rifkind MP in this debate? Why is he not speaking up for his residents?


  4. This is just the kind of issue that the Leader of the Council should be attacking with vigour on behalf of his Conservative voters.

    But of course not. Self seeking Pooter is keeping his head down and taking another tilt at the House of Lords

    Another rodent

  5. A little more moderation by bloggers on the Hornet might be more effective. The issues are often real and the need for action by Sir Merrick and Sir Malcolm in this case is overdue. But referring to "rodents" is not the way to make friends and influence people

    1. Follower of Phelps26 November 2012 at 07:23

      It takes one to know another, as Barry used to say

    2. It is a fair point BUT there is widespread and palpable anger at the absenteeism of Rifkind and Cockell. As one cllr remarked to the Dame, 'there is a red light outside the Leader's door to show he is busy in a the red light is rarely on." The reason why it is never on is because he is busy at the LGA....despite the fact that he is being £1400 a week as leader: it makes peoples' blood boil. Similarly, unlike Greg Hands, Rifkind is mostly in Scotland. or engaged with his many journalistic and highly remunerative non exec duties. Residents want to see some commitment and they certainly see little at the moment. The onus is is on these two to change their ways: if they don't there will be anger leading to relatively harmless name calling.

  6. This is a confused chappie looking for roots. Unfortunately Eton destabilised him. He had a bash in the BOW Group and then he wrote a book about his Nigerian ancestors. He tried at being a Tory but now seems to think that socialism may be more his thing. Sort yourself out boy.

  7. The new sprogs are bustling to get noticed. They don't seem to understand that progression in politics is a long game. Head down, hard work, results, recognition. There are many more like this boy. Thank heavens he did not graduate from the back benches of K&C - like one or two other notable lightweights


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