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Sunday, 18 November 2012


Who will succeed Cockell? The first challenger is one time unsuccessful Mayoral contender, Warwick Lightfoot.

Warwick is an economist....yes, like the awful Vince Cable. 
Economists generally get a well deserved negative press. We tend to wonder what the point of them is. 
Londoners, presumably felt the same when they rejected Warwick's attempts to become Mayor of their fair city.
On the RBKC website Pooter describes himself as 'Prime Minister' of the Borough and Warwick as his 'Chancellor of the Exchequer.' 
Warwick's latest claim to fame is his recent book about the country having no more money left. 
Local taxpayers may like to ponder on that one. As our 'Chancellor of the Exchequer' Warwick has presided over a rash of highly irresponsible spending....fortunately through a clever policy of over taxation Warwick has a lot more left...£170 million or so....

  • Chelsea Care=£1 million;
  • Exhibitionist Rd=£27 million
  • Holland Park School=£80 million
  • Tot Brill's Exhibitionist Rd Extravaganza=£700,000
  • Opera Holland Park=£1million loss/year
He is thus well qualified to have written his tome.

Warwick has few interpersonal skills. He tends to lose his temper when excited. This has led to him being known as 'Squeaker' Lightfoot. 
The feedback The Dame is getting is that 'Squeaker' does not have what it takes to lead the Borough from the mess it has got itself into. He should remain as a backroom boy.


  1. I would like to know Cllr Lighfoot's position on the Holland Park Opera situation. Perhaps he would like to make a contribution to this blog.

    The other stuff is history. Terrible history. But the Councillor has a chance to show his stuff by a statement re the opera

  2. Cllr Palmer has graciously accepted to be Warwick's Campaign Manager. A message of support, and why he backs the Chancellor, would be interesting

  3. Dame don't forget that other perfectly formed little cock up, The Wedge! How could you forget it

  4. Person Familiar With The Situation18 November 2012 at 18:50

    Cllr Elizabeth Campbell has been making quiet noises that she would not be averse to suggestions that she put her hat into the ring

  5. Lightfoot is clever but lacks judgment.

    Don't forget he endorsed Palmer's business on his website (which has now been taken over by robots just as was).

    Oh how I wish someone had copied and cached that website and Lightfoot's endorsement ... oh, hang on a minute ...

  6. Tired Tory Councillor18 November 2012 at 20:36


    Have you been on the wacky baccy all weekend?

    The woman is an embarrassment to humankind, let alone the Council. She has no intelligence or knowledge, she simply spouts prejudice and fairy tales, a walking Daily Mail.

  7. Person Familiar With The Situation19 November 2012 at 08:37

    Cllr Campbell has found no support for her ambition to stand as Leader

  8. Lightfoot is desperate for status and recognition. If he makes it to Leader he would probably relax and rise to the occasion. He is motivated, bright and well intentioned. And well able to give as good as he gets in the Council chamber. Could be an interesting choice. Does he know how to choose a strong team? His decision to engage Palmer as campaign manager is a puzzle

  9. The photo needs more gravitas if he is to be Leader. It is a very old photo and now he looks nothing like this. A current photo would be an act of pragmatism

  10. Ah. Squeaky Lighfoot.
    The councillor with the perfect face for radio...

  11. Whoever is appointed could only be an improvement on the present incumbent, which means that it is not a tough act to follow. However, RBK&C is crying out (and deserves) a strong and honest leader who insists on honesty, integrity and constructive criticism. Encouragement should be given for a far wider scope of candidate rather than the present City Investment Manager type to put their names forward! Too often in the past candidates have been woefully inexperienced and act as glorified lapdogs and in far too many cases do not bother turning up at meetings. For me if I was standing as a candidate for leadership I would have as a centre stone of my policy greater openness and I would review the closed policy as far as future councillors is concerned.

  12. I refer above to the future recruitment of suitable council candidates.

  13. Liz Robillard has offered to run the council for no fee nor expenses, part-time, from home, when the town hall has been sold off to social housing, as it should be,however,Liz does live in 2012 unlike most involved in RBKC politics, whom seem bereft of the ability to view anything beyond 1953.

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