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Friday, 8 July 2011

Wanted! One Missing Baronessa

Just as the Dame was enjoying a mid morning coffee by her infinity pool the phone rings. It is an anxious Cllr Sir Merrick ShortlyShortly Cockle on the line. "Dame, you seem to know more about the Royally Rotten Borough than I do myself so I need your help'(who says Pooter ignores the Dame now?)

What could the Dame to do help this august and important personage? Well, it transpires that La Baronessa has gone missing and has not been seen in the purlieu of the Town Hall for time immemorial-or at least ever since she ascended to the grandeur of the Lords.

The thing is this..... La Baronessa, like Pooter, has two jobs: her RBKC one which delivers £50,000 a year and her Lords allowances, which if you turn up enough, can dole out another £42,000. The catch is you have to clock in. With RBKC you just wait for Mr Holgate to send you a cheque for £4 grand every month. Now the envious and bitchy will be making insinuations but the Dame says 'stop'. It could be the Baronessa is simply on a sabbatical. Just in case here is a pic of the lady. If you see her please call the Town Hall and ask to speak to the Leader. Or you can email him


  1. Could someone please tell me how much the person who succeeded Cockell as Chairman of London Councils is getting ?


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