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Tuesday, 5 July 2011


The Dame was startled to be called at her Thai hideaway: No, you mischievous folk, it was not Cllr Moylan inviting her to a 'soiree' at his nearby luxury 'pleasure dome'.
Instead it was a mid ranking Hornet Street officer 'DeepThroat'. Her news was disturbing. It was all about the Holland Park School land deal!
The Dame soon expects to be in full possession of the facts. However, it seems Native Land might be sitting prettier than they first imagined. But then when an astute property developer pitches against Pooter Cockell the outcome does not require the psychic skills of Mystic Meg. This image comes to mind.
When she has all the facts, dear and loyal reader, you will be the first to long as one of those horrid newspapers don't beat the Dame to it...


  1. so to put it another way - you have got no news but hope to have something in the future

  2. 00.25, you obviously came to work on your razor blade today....

  3. Dame, your picture "over a barrel" will excite ex Cllr Phelps beyond belief.

    Please moderate in future, for the good order of the Borough

  4. Campden Hill Resident6 July 2011 at 07:27

    When the babes in Hornton Street try to mix it with the professionals, and Bentley charged trips to the Ritz and Heathrow Terminal 4 embolden Pooter to enter the world of high finance and dealmaking.....

    then Council Tax payers end up with a bloody nose

    No excuse on this one. The Board of the Campden Hill Residents Association has a full paper trail of the warnings and analysis concerning this folly. Harvard graduates, management consultants and City grandees all piled in from the CHRA to lobby the council and Cllr Cockell. Waste of space

    Of course all the CHRA types are "mad", "deranged", "NIMBYS". Cockell and Moylan (assisted by the bird brain Weale) at their most magesterial....

  5. 00:25
    Your deductive powers leave us all all stunned: had you ever thought of putting yourself forward for Leader?

  6. WASP and the other readers of this blog should not assume that Cllr Palmer at 00.25 knows what a razor blade is

  7. You're such a tease.. I can smell another Daily Mail story! Cockell and Moylan are going to get the fame they yearn for. LOL

    May I suggest that the person who always seems to defend the councillors is actually councillor who dreads this blog?


  8. Looks like chaos everywhere in the Rotten Borough.... Holland Park School, the Wornington Green development and the proposed North Kensington Academy are all disasters.
    Do those in responsibility at the Council have the skills to match their extortionate pay-packets-I think not!!!!

  9. 15.46, how very true, our 'greatest' schemes will be our greatest disasters. And don't forget Crossrail at the Gasworks; another utter c**k-up bleeding our hard-working Council Taxpayers dry. Soon we will lose our 'richest borough in Europe' tag, all through incompetence, wastefulness and bragadaccio.


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