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Saturday, 16 July 2011

Voice Coaching and Presentation Skills On the Taxpayer

Over the last twelve months or so, the Royally Rotten Borough of Kensington and Chelsea have made stringent cuts to front line services, like the EPICS centre for the boroughs old folks, despite having over £170 million stashed in bank accounts held in "reserve for use when needed".

Readers will be pleased to know, however, that the council still managed to spend almost £5000 of your money on voice coaching and presentation skills in the same period.

In November last year a course was held covering "Personal Impact"; January saw two courses for "Presentation Skills" and again on two dates in March.

The fact that the costs of these bourne by the tax payer are quite modest when you consider there are over 3000 employees, the Hornet cant help but think the beneficiaries of these courses were the politicians running the joint.

If that is true, what they hell are we doing paying from our council tax to send politicians on presentation and coaching sessions that should be dipping into their own pocket for.

The council is not an employer of councillors and shouldnt be used as such.

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