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Saturday, 2 July 2011


Lots of encouraging comments...thank you.

The Dame has decided to let her loyal followers have an insight into her expansion plans.
Apart from the Royal Borer-Cockell's private newspaper, which we taxpayers fund at a rate of hundreds of thousands of pounds a year- and the K&C Chronicle, residents of the Rotten Borough have no way of finding out what Cockell and crew are getting up to. In her munificence the Dame has decided that come autumn she will be organising a massive drive to ensure as many residents as possible read her wise words.
So expect a missive from the Dame through your letter box directing you to FTHN...


  1. Lets have another audit.

    The Leader is still there and has gone on to become the chairman of the LGA – So he must be respected in the eyes of others. He has continued to makes claims on his expenses – so hornet failed

    The Deputy Leader has changed to commit more time to Boris and TFL – Hornets contribution to this is unknown. But he still enjoys the occasional slice of Cheesecake (Lemon is his favorite).

    Despite 4 by-elections and the Tories losing 1 winning 3, they are still in power.

    Holland Park School is going ahead – no change

    As is The North Kensington School (consultation and all) - no change

    As is Exhibition Road – No Change

    Holbein Place looks set to stay despite a one man organisation claiming to represent hundreds of thousands of people, campaigning against the traffic system.

    The Boroughs frees newspaper (quarterly publication) is staying – Hornet still has no impact.

    The Planning department is still unpopular with developers and residents alike – no change

    Journalist Simon Heffer who parroted Hornets views has been sacked from the Telegraph

    The Wedge Card is still going and sponsored events in Notting Barnes (despite Cllrs Blakemans contribution to this blog)

    Hornets email address was linked to paedophile activity. No explanation has come forward that can clear this fact.

    Residents First, an organisation that Justin Downes set up and the Hornet championed has still not materialised.

    The MP’s do not care about Hornet and label anything from them and associated people as “nutter”

    The MEP is saying Hornet is lying.

    Your “poll” is still getting votes under 40 despite them being on display for weeks, and it is unaudited, some people (JD, JB, EDC, DC) are probably voting more than once

    The comments made on this blog seem to be made by the same very limited number of people (most of them By Mr Downes)

    Despite putting out Labour party propaganda for a change in the voting system – the residents of K & C rejected it by a massive majority.

    Finally There is not a single tory councillor who minds being mentioned on the Hornet site. Probably they take the Oscar Wilde view that there is only one thing worse than being talked about – ....

  2. Ginney
    A very weird post....

  3. The Leader has engaged in no overseas trips nor entertained his convict mate Clement for $380 dinners for two so that is clearly a result. The Evening Standard devoted a half page to Cockell's misuse of taxpayer's funds:are you suggesting that the editor of the Standard is 'mad'

    The competition to win the chair of the LGA was hardly stiff-most of those who voted wanted to wind it up!

    Moylan is no longer a pest to residents:even Pooter expressed delight that he has left the scene . Can't quite see your point about Lemon Cheesecake.

    By-elections are always likely to be won by Tories-The Hornet only ever ambition was to encourage other councillors to stand up against corrupt practice. But the low support for the Leader is shown by the abysmal turnout and the loss of Earls Court.
    The lack of interest in people putting themselves forward as candidates is also a indicator of how pointless people feel it is standing-unless you count the ex gay porn star trying to get selected in Brompton!

    Holland Park School and and Exhibition Rd were 75% complete before the Hornet got going...Don't be dumb. What could you possibly have expected the Hornet to do. Scrap the schemes half way through?

    Just about every user of Holbein Place thinks it a danger to pedestrians.

    The Borer is NOT a free newspaper-YOU pay for it IDIOT and no one reads it.

    I cannot think what the resignation of Heffer has to do with the actions of the Hornet-or Heffer's comment on a small time leader of a local council's expense abuse. Are you really suggesting that Pooter picked up the phone to Aidan Barclay and said, 'Fire Heffer'. You must be truly simple if you believe that....

    So you claim the Wedge is a success?
    Even Council research claims it to be a flop!It keeps going because you subsidise it. It is £200,000 down the drain.

    The Police did not believe that The Hornet's email address was linked to a paedophile site. Had they done so they would have acted. What was obvious was that Cllr Palmer's site was linked to a Swingers site! There is one ex councillor and one current cllr who have been linked to an unhealthy interest in young boys. One got fired and the other is still around....and we know who he is!

    The MEP may say the Hornet is lying but the Stock Exchange Admissions document is crystal clear: Tannock did not declare his stock options. But let's see what the EU Commission say.
    To resort to the puerile tactic of suggesting that comments are fabricated by a couple of people or those who contribute are mad just makes you seem silly. It is a common tactic used by all totalaterian regimes wishing to silence dissenters by saying they are 'mad'.
    As for what MP' think...well most of us regard them as low grade expenses cheats: and one local MP is well noted for his love of expenses!

    Judging by the huge number of viewings, and those made by cllrs The Hornet is taken very seriously indeed. The fact that you write as you do-at at great and incoherent length- shows you take it very seriously

  4. Ginney Toenik

    I have no idea who you are-nor any great interest in finding out.
    When I comment I comment under my own name so your inference is just silly.Though Daniel Moylan may enjoy the taste of cheesecake the idea of using taxpayer's resources to entertain 'contacts'is in the worst possible taste-particularly when you are drawing a vast allowance. I certainly don't see it as a subject for childish humour.
    If you cannot afford to pay your own way you should avoid expensive restaurants!
    I will not speak for the Hornet, but any medium which alerts residents to abuse of democracy or process has to be a good thing: unless, of course,you are a beneficiary of such abuse.I leave you to ponder as to whether you fall within catagory.
    By the way, I loved your Wilde quotation. The idea that Wilde would have applied that witticism to our councillors is hilarious in itself.

  5. "Gin and Tonic" sounds like Pooter

    at this time of the day he likes one in his garden and was obviously carried away...

  6. Well Moylan is supposed to enjoy-in that very bog Irish way- a drop taken.

  7. any many other 'things' from what one hears......

  8. I suppose you are discussing Andrew Dalton and his curious domestic arrangements....
    They cannot be true: he was an ardent

  9. Donald Cameron3 July 2011 at 11:44

    And there is also the sheer pig headedness and stupidity, 17.59

    I wrote to Cllr Cockell and asked him to pay back the $190 that he charged up for the dinner in New York with the friend whose name he forgot. That would have been the end of it. But I recieved an arrogant reply. "I forget the name of the person who I took to dinner and that is the end of the matter".

    It is the custom of the Leader's Office to dismiss troublesome residents. One Conservative councillor told me that I was lucky to have got an acknowledgement

  10. The Hornet will allow some latitude when discussing the private lives of certain cllrs but these are getting to be a bit too close to the bone. The Dame does not like to censor but she does not entertain speaking ill of the dead....

  11. So Hornet are you suggesting that we cannot question Merrick Cockell's mysterious background? Apart from knowing he is from Johannesburg and his name was never originally Cockell we have not a clue as to his background, his education or professional background. He seems steadfast in his refusal to divulge details of his life before RBKC.All we know is that he had some sort of two man band basement based business, which was liquidated. Can one imagine the chairman of a public company getting away with such secrecy.

  12. "I forget the name of the person that I took to dinner and that is the end of the matter"

    Sounds like the kind of grand dismissal that upstarts used to receive from Hanningfield Of Old

  13. There seems to be a cuckoo in the nest......

  14. Ginney Toenick
    Read the Daily Mail today? Think that the all powerful Cockle will be
    ringing Paul Dacre(he is the ed of the Mail) and demand Pierce be sacked.
    It is fatheads like you who allow non democrats to thrive.


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