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Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Cockell and Censorship

So councillors can read what the outside world is saying about them the £3 million a year Press Office prepares a digest of newspaper comment to be circulated to our representatives.
Some councillors-more on the ball than others- have noticed that any press comment critical of Dear Leader Cockell is censored. The latest example is the Daily Mail piece by leading journalist Andrew Pierce. Pierce rightly referred to the hypocrisy of Cockell's address to the LGA and his blatant abuse of expenses. Evidently, Cockell has given instructions that any article, in the slightest bit critical of him, is to be omitted.
This sort of childish censorship is reminiscent of some proto Stalinist regime. Cockell laughably proclaims the virtues of 'transparency' but clearly hates the torchlight of truth being shone upon him and his activities.
Fortunately the Dame is there to ensure that the truth will always out.....
Coming up soon the Dame will be able to report on the mysterious dinners that Cockell has enjoyed-on his own- with various big time property developers in the Rotten Borough and events that transpire following those meetings.
No one suggests impropriety but it is sheer madness to allow a councillor to sup with those whose fortunes rest upon good relations with the Rotten Borough: it is particularly dangerous when that councillor has a business record which-put politely, is hardly scintillating.
At any further meetings Cockell should always be accompanied by a senior officer or the Town Clerk.


  1. Indeed, no Councillor should meet a developer without an officer present; there are specific rules about this to protect accusations of impropriety.
    If Cockle is using the Council press office for political purposes, he should be held to account.
    Did anyone else hear Cameron yesterday stating that 'Council funded newspapers use too much of taxpayers' money and undermine local papers'.

  2. Sounds like the Dame has another future disgraceful story about Cockell in her nest - but how will the council officers and the rest of the councillors find out about it if the story is censored by the £3m press office?


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