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Thursday, 21 July 2011

Phelps plans independent return?

There is fear and trembling in the Town Hall corridors of power.
A sweaty and nervous Pooter Cockell has been told his erstwhile friend and confidant, ex Worshipful Mayor Barry Phelps-that disgraced distributor of crude and sexually innuendo laden images of very young boys-says he will contest Earls Court at the next election-as an Independent!

The Dame can confirm Pooter's worst fears. Phelps is party to many secrets and doubtless will ready to wreak vengeance on his nemesis, Town Clerk Derek Myers.

Fortunately for Pooter, the Dame is as anxious as he to prevent the return of the lascivious Phelps. If Pooter cares to contact the Dame she will appraise him of  more of this man's dark interests....... You have been warned Phelpsie....don't even think about it. The Dame can be a formidable enemy.


  1. Surely he won't make it through the selection process - oh, what am I saying?!

    In any event, if rumours are true, Phelps would be wise to keep his head below the parapet. What emerged about him was the tip of the iceberg, as I believe the Dame is well aware.

  2. There used to be two things I admired in England. One was, the slightest whiff of scandal, and the affected person retired from public life. The other is that red traffic lights turn amber on the way to turning green, unlike in Ireland where it goes Green, Amber, Red, Green...
    Now yhere's only the clever traffic light.
    We could run a "no Confidence" campaign, and stop Phelps' shameless behaviour in its tracks. Who's with me?

  3. You should run a caption competition for that photo

  4. I am a little bemused as to how people can become councillors, have an enormous impact on planning matters - and then apparently go on to have a property company registered in the British Virgin Islands. This has happened at least twice in recent years to my knowledge.

  5. i hope no one ever releases any details on Phelps-just before the election. It would be a real spoiler

  6. Mussell - we're with you on that one. Strange indeed how some cllrs suddenly have windfalls just when a major planning application has been decided.

    Some people *may* have evidence on that.

    My caption: Disgraced politicians swap anecdotes and state 'I'll be back' - but will try at their peril.

  7. Phelps might stand at the next election??? I doubt it; he's hardly a spring chicken like those boys the pervert likes to salivate over.

    Never mind standing, let's hope the pervert is lying horizontal in his coffin by then, with the lid securely nailed and strapped down!!!

    He's a disgusting over bloated, pus filled douche bag.


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