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Saturday, 9 July 2011

Freedom of Comment? Act responsibly

Whoever posted this am that the Dame did not allow free speech/debate was firmly put in their place. However, as the Dame said sometimes posts are potentially defamatory-such as these two below. The observant will see that that they imply wrong doing on the part of a cllr and an officer and it is only right to treat such posts with caution. However, 13.52 and 13:57 if you have any evidence that you would like to present  to Dame  please make another comment so the Dame's PA can provide a top secret email address and we can root out these evil doers

Anonymous 13:57 said...not to mention all the dough xxxx and xxxxxx allegedly enjoy from the lost (stolen?) children of Kesnington - property or care homes anyone- where?
9 July 2011 13:52 Anonymous said...they fork out 20k a day to private silks in secret courts in order to swipe children- some orphans- bloody criminals, ask xxxx and his business interests, xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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