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Friday, 8 July 2011

Palmer speaks but no one listens

Coouncillor Matthew Palmer has just commented that Councillor Cockell ignores the Hornet. But if he does, he does so at his political peril. The Dame's old friend, Richard Littlejohn quite clearly does not 'ignore' the sagacity of the Dame. So much so that Richard has picked up Justin Downes's reflection on dignity, and how rather than wasting £26 million on fancy paving, the Council should do it's duty of protecting the old, the infirm and the needy-after all: we paid our Council Tax to provide us with help when we needed it. We never thought it would get blown on repaving Exhibition Rd for the benefit of a few tourists and the egos of one or two overpaid councillors. When you start to get the hackles of Littlejohn rising you know that you are really 'cocking up'. If you want to do yourself a favour, Cockell, call off your ludicrous colleague Palmer. He is damaging you.....


  1. I don't know who you really are, but, just a word of warning: your credibility is vastly reduced by your inability to spell "its" correctly as a possessive pronoun.

  2. Oh dear, it seems comments are subject to "blog owner approval". No open debate/freedom of speech here, then...

  3. 11.54
    You must be the Driveller aka Clouseau Palmer. Point out one deletion that the Dame has ever made?
    Of course, there has to be owner's moderation you clot. What would happen for example if some poster claimed that a senior councillor had an interest in very young or took backhanders from Iranian developers? Would you expect to publish lies such as those. Do act your age...

  4. 11:51
    How terribly serious? Have you nothing better to do on a fine Saturday morning than being a pedantic bore. Tedious fellow!

  5. I hear that one senior councillor does have a predilection for very young boys. Why does the Dame not publicize their dirty little secrets.



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