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Monday, 11 July 2011

Saving Portobello

When the Dame gets a communique from Marion Gettleson, that doughty fighter against sinister machinations by greedy and unscrupulous moneybags, she leaps from her luxury poolside recliner and fires up FTHN. If you love Portobello you will do as Marion  requests below.

Dear Dame Hornet
A quick update. RBKC's popular decision to reject a planning application for 7 day trading in the basement of Admiral Vernon antiques arcade, has gone to Appeal.  "Save Portobello Road Market" Campaign has circulated the following; asking people to object. Closing date for objections is 28th July. We are having a public meeting at the Westway pop-up cinema 7.30pm on 28th July ("Passport to Pimlico"). The audience will be asked to use their smartphones etc to email objections before midnight! Perhaps you will graciously consent to give us a little mention. Many thanks.

Deadline 28th July!!! Please act now!!! Once it's gone - its gone!!! Please see the "Save the Portobello Road Market" Facebook Page & ask your family & friends to help Portobello. Thank you."

ADMIRAL VERNON Planning Appeal for 141-149 Portobello Rd London W11 2DY
Ref App/K5600/A/11/2154885 - Deadline 28th July!!!

In April 200+ people objected to a Planning Application to remove a 15 year old Planning Condition that protects local residents' amenities; by restricting trade in the Admiral Vernon Arcade basement to Fridays & Saturdays only.

The Council supported Portobello by rejecting the Proposal to increase trading days because:
"Local residents have to live with the Market on Saturdays; but during the week are entitled to peace & quiet."

Please Object now to HM Planning Inspector: :

Email address:

Quote reference: App/K5600/A/11/2154885

Or Object by Post to:
The Planning Inspectorate
Room 3/19 Eagle Wing
Temple Way House
2 The Square, Bristol BS1 6PN. Quote reference: App/K5600/A/11/2154885.

The basement was dug out in 1995. RBKC imposed Conditions: "The basement market hereby permitted shall be used for trading purposes on Fridays & Saturdays only" Reason: " To safeguard the Amenities of neighbouring properties." The flats above Admiral Vernon are social housing & so is Portobello Court opposite. Local Residents need our support! Admiral Vernon delivery times are also restricted & none are allowed through Vernon's Yard - to protect residents.  These Conditions are even more vital now; because far more people live above the shops than in 1995. Other issues include Colville School & Market traffic etc. RBKC'S LDF Core Strategy protects the unique character of Portobello Market. It also protects Local Life, the Legacy of Portobello. Please mention Antiques; but the focus here must be on Residents' amenities. Protecting residents is the best way of protecting the Antiques Market.


   Marion Gettleson


  1. are we surprised it will go to appeal - roll the dice and see what happens!

  2. Marion Gettleson12 July 2011 at 10:42

    We were expecting an appeal of course. Those wishing to see details; RBKC Planning Website:

    BUT all email objections must go to HM Planning Inspectorate:

    Please quote ref:

    Vital issues are the hundreds of local residents' continued right to peace on weekdays; RBKC LDF Policies protect & enhance local life; vitality & character of Portobello Market & the Antiques Market etc. Portobello is a world famous place. There's Colville School nearby & Market traffic etc. Please try to think of other issues. There are lots of people working on this. Thank you again.


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