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Saturday, 22 January 2011

Stamping on Scrutiny

This evening Hornet had a knock at the hive door. Carefully opening the door Hornet caught a glimpse of a mysterious stranger running off down the street, but not before s/he had left a large package. Well, it was delivered electronically actually, but that kind of spoils the dramatic intro!

What could this be? Not not Boyo Moylan's silk smalls this was no DHL man. Buzzing back to the hive she tore open the exciting looking package. Imagine how she felt when out dropped out massive near 30 page tome illustrated with pictures and entitled The Royal Borough Guide to Scrutiny.

Now Hornet has told you that there are three things dear to her heart and the scrutiny comes in quite close...  so when saw that it was authored by HonJo Gardner assisted by the highly disagreeable Prof Coates, Scooter Boy Marshall and the 'near invisible to residents', Mary Weale she knew that she was going to be in for a long, boring read.

And sure enough as she leafed through the first few pages of gooblegook her worst fears were confirmed.

Don't get me wrong Dear Reader, Hornet enjoys a good book from time to time, having just polished off Jamies 30 Minute Meals in just under 25 minutes. Hah! So much for that title.

Surely this was a creation of Dear Leader and co desperate to convince long suffering residents that there was some form of restraint against the worst excesses of the dictatorial and profligate duopoly: after all, it follows hard on the heels of another attempt by Boyo to pretend to consult residents on planning matters with his Resident Planning Advisory Committee or some such sop.

In this day and age with the cabinet system of governance scrutiny is critically important for two reasons. Firstly, as now all the power is vested in the hands of the desired few, just nine of them in fact and of course the Dear Leader, it is very important that they realise every decision they make is going to be examined and reviewed to make sure its the right one. 

Secondly, the other forty five or so councillors who have sweet fanny adams to do when it comes to decision making, and this includes all the opposition members of course as well as the tory back benchers, can actually do something to earn their generous allowances.

Anyway, The Hornet, when she can summon up the energy will report back to loyal readers - but don't expect anything revolutionary. Scrutiny and democracy are ill bedfellows in the Rotten Borough.

Incidentally, was not the HonJO seen popping into the Post Office to buy some stamps whilst the 50 litre Mayoral Bentley sat idling by, chauffeur waiting, on a double yellow line? Nah! Heaven forbid....

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  1. I have read this stuff so can save the Hornet the trouble. At a time of extreme financial constraint the leadership has allocated several staff to supervise this pointless attempt to persuade residents that the is some form of regulation and control over Moylan and Cockell: we know there is not so don't take us for idiots.
    How long will it be before HonJo, the Prof and Soldier Boy Marshall get their just reward? Yes, I mean a dollop of Special Responsibility Allowance.


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