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Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Call to arms!

Since launching this little blog a while back Hornet has made many friends with the disaffected, ignored and downtrodden people of the borough. One of those has asked her today to launch a boroughwide campaign.

The community group called "Residents First" is looking for community minded people who want to stand up and be counted, and help drive forward change in the borough.

They are looking for people who care about the area they live or work in and not only want to see change but help bring it about. It doesnt matter if you have never done anything like this before, or if you previously supported a particular political party, as they have plenty of people who do to help you along.

So if you have your principal place of residence or employment anywhere in K&C and want to help ResidentsFirst deliver change, then they want to hear from you. You dont have to commit every waking hour, or have to attend a plethora of meetings - you do what you can, when you can.

Send an email here and they will do the rest.

Please dont ask Hornet, as she is only the messenger and nothing to do with these fellows.


  1. This organisation is financed by Mr Justin Downes.


  2. Oh but it were true. Sadly not so.
    Justin Downes is not financing RF.
    But if he could he would. Anything to promote a healthy dose of democracy

  3. Cllr Palmer. Why sign off as Emma? Are you playing to your feminine side?
    I am not financing Residents First. As usual you just get everything so wrong that one wonders how Hornet could ever have conceived of you as a successor to Sir Cockle:though thinking about it is not so surreal.
    Justin Downes

  4. Dear Mr Downes

    Sorry but not me

    Now I would appreciate it if you would respond to my previous questions

    Cllr Palmer

  5. To save wasting my time digging through the Hornet use my last email to you as a reference point.
    From memory I asked you why RBKC cllrs paid themselves 40% more than counterparts in Wandsworth, H&F and Westminster.Why your leader(paying himself more than double that of Stephen Greenhalgh)refuses to say who he spent $200 on a dinner for two with.
    And why you all allow yourselves First Class rail travel and certain business air class when MP's, senior military etc travel 2cnd.
    We are all waiting....
    Justin Downes

  6. Sorry Mr Downes but that is not what I was talking about.

    Look at the last comment that was made on this web site. here is the hyper link

    And perhaps you might get an answers

    Cllr Palmer

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