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Wednesday, 19 January 2011

All Change at the top?

The end of the municipal year is nigh, and at this time everyone starts thinking about the internal elections.

The one twelve years or so back was the corker of course, but now seats are twitching. The Dear Leader hasnt announced he intends to step aside, of course he hasnt. But that doesnt stop the posturing and positioning of those hankering after the top job from jostling around in the melee.

So who exactly is going to put their head above the parapet and stand for the leadership?

Well, only they know that but Hornet can at least speculate as to who she thinks wants the job....

In true X-Factor style, and in no particular order here are just some of the contenders....

Nicholas Paget-Brown

Environmental enthusiast and director of Pelham Research, our Transport, Environment and Leisure supremo is a prime candidate. Fresh-ish from his crushing defeat in the 1992 General Election defeat in Don Valley and of course being the one that brandishes the whip he must relish the leatherette recliner chair.

NPB is a self confessed opposer to European integration and wasnt exactly a fan of David Cameron before the election. His strengths are that he hasnt had junkets to the states and he does cut a dashing figure, but of course his involvement in the perceived destruction of everything that is right about Portobello could go against him.

Tim Ahern

One time borough mayor Timbo would, Hornet is sure, love to be leader of the council and have a Nespresso machine on his desk at his disposal, not so sure about the wood panelling, thats so 1985. Tims stint as mayor was pretty uneventful, he did a good enough job but lets face it in a borough with a built in majority you couldnt really go wrong. 

Mr Ahern is a company secretary of a resources company called the Rose Partnership and it seems other leading people there do have a connection with Mr Ahern. He also is owner of Princelet Consultants flogging life assurance. His strengths are that he probably actually wants the job, but that fringe will have to go.

Matthew Palmer

Oh come on, there has to be an outsider.

Look out for the next set soon....

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