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Monday, 24 January 2011

Palmer v Foreman

Cllr Palmer offered Hornet the chance to debate Section 28 at a time and place of her choosing, which of course Dear Reader Hornet has politely declined.

Hornet is not a politician and has no desire to become one, and unlike Cllr Palmer is not obliged to answer to anyone on her views, opinions or voting record.

Cllr Foreman however has accepted the opportunity to debate with Cllr Palmer the merits of S28, and we wait to see if Cllr Palmer has the courage of his convictions to accept the challenge, or if he was merely using weasel words to tempt Hornet out of her hive and into the public domain.

Hornets money is on the latter.


  1. Money - Oh good.

    How much and at what odds - please nominate a person we can deposit a bet with, that at the same time will take your promised money to cover that bet

    All winnings will go towards paying off the last Labour Goverments £848,500,000,000

    Cllr Palmer

  2. Just in case anyone is in any doubt about the need for change.....

  3. Lets hope it nots gambled on the positive growth of the UK economy.


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