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Tuesday, 25 January 2011

North Ken Academy Project on the ropes...

The North Ken Academy Project, one that was supposed to deliver a peerage is heading into stormy waters. Far more than Hornet first reported in previous posts.

The proposed site in W11 slaps the new school right in the middle of a current housing estate, resulting in the loss of a small park, beautiful and well established trees, children's creche and playground, sports pitches, parking space, and community rooms. All precious resources to the people that use them and live amongst them.

Of course the decision makers hell bent on destroying these dont live anywhere near them, rather in splendid georgian stucco fronted mansion blocks, brushed white victorian terraces, or multi million pound apartment blocks.

The council proposal to shove the academy on top of the Lancaster West Estate was born from a so-called consultation meeting held in July 2010 - one that crucially didnt involve the residents of the said estate, and the council readily admits not inviting them to attend! In error of course well they would say that wouldnt they!

An action group was set up and at one meeting over 200 residents attended to hear Cllr Coleridge suggest the community find an alternative venue to site the new academy! What a cheek! He should stick to doing the hokey-kokey, (yes, Hornet has the footage!).

Hornet has to say that the collection of Labour councillors didnt vote against this decision.

Now that got Hornet kind of wondering.......

The Department for Communities and Local Government issued planning policy guidelines that clearly state existing open space, like where the academy is set to occupy, should not be built on unless an assessment has been undertaken which has clearly shown the open space to be surplus to requirements.

Has anyone seen such an assessment? Has one been done? Did the council forget about this?

There is a need for secondary provision in the north of the borough, and everyone on that can agree, but the decision to create this monstrosity ripping the heart of out an established community is not the answer.

Hornet has already helped the council by suggesting an alternative, the old school that is currently used as an office can be brought back into use quickly, more cheaper and without all this disruption.

Hornet pledges support for the Grenfell Action Group, and hopes that the council will re-consider its decision.

More soon....


  1. Another fine example of the Council putting the boot into a community without consultation.
    Looks like they might be caught out this time though!

  2. This site is completely and utterly wrong for accommodating an Academy!!!!!


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