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Sunday, 16 January 2011

PA? P-Off!

Hornet has just been sent by 'disgruntled' of Hornton Street(thank you...keep them coming) a fascinating insight into how the Mayor, The Great Architect and Dear Leader live the high life whilst far down food chain front line services are being vapourised.

So what does this interesting directory tell us? Well Dear Reader, you will be pleased to know that symbolism reigns in the gilded chambers of  Hornton Street.

Starting from the top....our Mayor has, to support him,( hopefully, he did not have to perform this function for the disgraced ex Mayor, The Worshipful Cllr Phelps or Darhling Dalton)- a Civic Officer and a Private Secretary. And then supporting the Private Secretary, an Assistant Private Secretary and in support of these two worthies, a PA to the bucolic Worshipful Mayor. And last but not least, 3 fine Mace Bearers and a covey of drivers to polish the Bentley and the Jag.

We have not begun to look at the retinue of the Deputy Mayoress.

Moving on along the Executive Corridor, the Hornet espies the Dear Leader's magnificent suite. There, arrayed around Sir Cockle are, a Head of Office, a Personal Assistant, a Political Aide and various junior gofers. Supervising everything are a motley bunch of Cabinet staff totalling several in all.
Making sure that she did not disturb this important personage Miss H swooped down the corridor to see the Great Architect marching along with his own Personal Assistant trailing behind him, notebook in hand, as she jotted down his important appointments and for Bangkok, fun lunches and DHL deliveries of silk smalls....oh yes, and deep frozen cheesecake for Bangkok

Yes, Gilbert and Sullivan could not have made it up, in the words of Mr Phelps! But Hornet can well imagine what frontline staff facing the axe might be thinking.

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