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Sunday, 16 January 2011

Economic with the Economy

The Federation of Small Businesses published a survey recently that showed around 40% of small businesses had no contact with the Royal Borough Council chiefs. Worryingly a further 20% said they didnt think the council has any interest in talking with them anyway.

Well, dear reader, thats hardly a surprising situation when you consider the heavy handed way the council act over traders in Portobello Road, and of course shovelling over £20million into the Exhibition Road project that has upset almost everyone.

But that got Hornet kind of wondering....

The council is run by a cabinet system, that is, there is a leader (sorry, a Dear Leader) and he appoints a bunch of others to "help" run the place. Each one of these lucky fellows has a specific job to do, like schools, housing and libraries, for example.

Have a goose at the list of portfolios set up by these clowns and you can clearly see the reason why the FSB survey has K&C at such a low rating.

There is no cabinet member responsible for the economic health of the borough. Public health, environmental health, schools, finance, IT, and the like are all there, but no mention of anyone responsible for the economic health of the borough.

So there you are.

Lets see what happens at the next re-shuffle. Perhaps the Dear Leader whoever it will be will do something to address this deficit.

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