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Sunday, 16 January 2011

Battle Royal to save Gardens

Thames Waters' plan to create a tunnel under the Thames to help cleanse the water has met with a storm of protest in the south of the Borough.

Residents around the plans to construct an access road in Cremorne Gardens have petitioned Thames Water against the proposed "super sewer".

The £3.6bn tunnel could take up to eight years to construct and local people met with their local councillors  with Nasty Nick Paget Brown saying the council are opposed to the proposal.

Well, having narrowly won the recent Cremorne By Election, they would say that wouldn't they, and no doubt the very close runners up will be looking at Section 106 proposals if this planning application ever reaches committee stage.

1 comment:

  1. The Council is being clever, but not clever enough to fool residents. By stating that they are against the supersewer they are distracting attention from the far more sensible option of using the recycling centre for access. They want Thames Water to use Cremorne Gardens as they will be paid a huge whack for it and it will not ruin their plan to sell the other site to developers. The supersewer will happen anyway; see what they did there?


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