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Sunday, 16 January 2011

Post your Views

January 21st is your chance to put forward your views on the proposals to close the Post Office on High Street Kensington, on the corner of Earls Court Road, by Waitrose.

The Royal Mail propose to move the Post Office from its current location, to 208 High Street Kensington by the junction with Phillimore Gardens.

There is a long standing proposal to redevelop the current site, along with the Odeon Cinema into residential and commercial properties with a multiplex cinema in the basement.

Contact for more details on the consultation.


  1. This story represents exactly how our useless Leadership in the Town Hall is failing residents. We are not interested in the lofty Trophy Projects like Exhibition Road and rebuilding the perfectly good Holland Park School in order to satisfy the vanities of Moylan and Cockell.

    It is things like Post Offices that affect our daily lives and quality of life.

    A few years ago my branch Post Office in Stratford Road was closed. It was a five minute walk from my home and when I went there I used the local shops as well. Now I have to walk 15 minutes to the Post Office in High Street Kensington and often queue for 30 minutes. Now that Post Office will move further away from me too.

    These things are far more important to me as a resident and Council Tax payer. It is high time for a change of Leadership at the Town Hall - they have forgotten how to "cut the mustard" for we pensioners

    I am an 86 year old Pensioner

  2. It is very interesting how Miss is really becoming a focal point for fed yp taxpayers. You would have thought the crushing defeat in Earls Court and the body blow in Cremorne would have got through to them.
    We need Residents First candidates to stand...proper Conservaytives rather than these greedy poseurs who just pretend to be


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