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Saturday, 8 January 2011

Award for Moylan - VIP Traveller of the Year Award

Hornet is pleased to see that the Great Architect, Boyo Moylan has been given a New Years Honour.

No sadly (for Him at least), it is not from HM the Queen or indeed the Royal Institution of British Architects: they have already tried to puff up his ego by giving a worthless Hons membership.

No, it's from that delicious organ which the Hornet encourages you to buy, so you can see the lunatic actions of other councillors, Private Eye.

Oh yes, as you read it here first, our very own Danny Boy who over the last few years has buggered off to Thailand at the drop of a straw hat and of course had your council tax pay to courier out the papers he otherwise would have had to deal with around a desk in the Town Hall, instead of a pool in the exotic paradise where he has a second home.

Danny was enobled with a "highly commended" award.

Cheesecake all round!

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