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Monday, 4 October 2010

Standing tall with respect

Far be it for Hornet to suggest some of the members in the town hall are incapable of tying their own shoe laces, they now need to be told, in no uncertain terms, to treat the electorate with respect.

At the last council meeting a quiet change to councils standing orders slipped in a few extra words to the rules governing debate. The rules as they stand currently prohibit members from waffling on about nothing, or to engage in tedious repetition or to use unbecoming language when spouting off to other councillors in meetings. There is, or at least was, nothing in "the rules" to stop them from branding a hapless voter a "*****king s**t" or " a complete ****" however.

So to avoid any doubt, the thoughtful bods at the Town Hall who clearly have enough time to kill have come up with the little phrase "...and to treat others with respect" to slot into the rule.

Thats good to know that the people running this borough have to have it in the rules to treat the people who elect them with respect. S*d them all, thats what Hornet says!

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