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Tuesday, 26 October 2010

LDA meger with City Hall?

Following on from Bojo's "Stalingrad like defence" of the TfL budget, where Gorgeous George has axed over 20% of the funding over the four year period covered by this Parliament; at least he can crow about saving CrossRail and the tardy tube upgrades.

Now we see the Coalition axe falling on the London Development Agency, and its funding streams to boot!

No one is really surprised the LDA has been cauterised, it has had its neck in the noose for quite some time now, but it has been a given that once gone the Government would re-allocate its funding streams into City Hall or at least part of it as some kind of quango-cum-city-council merger.

Now it seems otherwise.

Few would argue about axeing the LDA international ventures, but the funding it provides environmental work and job creation will be a sad loss for London. Intentional or not, an LDA as part of City Hall, but without the funding is simply a non-starter, so it will be the death throes of a once proud Livingstone creation.

At least Bojo sounds sincere when he says he will "fight this all the way", how far of the "way" he will get though remains to be seen.

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