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Friday, 22 October 2010

The CZ is dead... Long Live the CZ!

So now we know the much maligned western extension of the congestion charge, the last bastion of Livingstones London Legacy will be consigned to the dustbin of history on Christmas Eve 2010.

But, beware dear reader, Hornet has been buzzing around some people at conference, and has delicately topped up their glasses with the fizzy wine, which helped their mouths become a little loose...

Hornet understands that in some corners of the Nest (the Town Hall) there is a suggestion that a special "mini congestion zone" could be introduced by the council alone. Charging people to drive around certain parts of the borough deemed "inside the K&C Congestion Zone".

So while Boris and co at City Hall have finally delivered on their promise and ditched the zone in the borough, it may only be a brief respite before its introduced again this time by the people you voted in, and campaigned against it when Livingstone first mooted it!

You heard it here first!

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