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Tuesday, 26 October 2010

"It is the sign of a good councillor that I want to represent residents fairly" Cllr Daniel Moylan

Now Hornet isn't the type of girl to bash a guy when he is down, but some interesting correspondence has been delivered to the Hive relating to Cllr Moylan. You, dear reader, have seen elsewhere on FTHN Moylan putting up a rear guard over his outrageous use of public money having papers couriered to him while he is at his holiday home in Thailand. It was in Private Eye too (blush).

In a thinly veiled response to enquiries made by the Kensington Chronicle we have seen Moylan state ""It is the sign of a good councillor that I want to represent residents fairly" so it came as a bit of surprise to Hornet when she saw the response of Moylan to a concerned resident and how he deals with them "fairly" - fairly badly Hornet suggests...

 Now when dealing with members of the public can be a testing ordeal sometimes, but if you stand for public office, and are elected, it sort of comes with the territory. Far from being something that you consider an irritation or distraction, you have to accept that it comes with the trappings of high office.

If someone writes to you expressing a view or opinion then as an elected member you are obliged to take said views and consider them, irrespective whether you think they are right, wrong or from the planet venus.

The sign of a good councillor is one who can take opposing views and then after careful consideration determine what is the best course of action in the interests of the borough and democracy, regardless of their own view and opinions or from whom the arguments arrive, and articulate them bringing people closer together, rather than driving them further apart.

This email demonstrates clearly Moylan at his best. A resident raises an issue but rather than Daniel explain why his course of action was taken (perish the thought!), or to offer opposing arguments and reason why he took the route he did, he just insults the sender. This is definitely not the sign of a good councillor.

Hornet can appreciate being a councillor means you receive unsolicited communications from a variety of sources on many occasions, but that is the beauty of democracy. Our elected representatives are there to serve us not the other way round, so they should deal with each responsibly and respectfully.

No one should be belittled, bullied or ridiculed by those in public office. No one.

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  1. EX cllr Phelps whose interest in 'art'
    photos led to his downfall would write in a similar vein to those who elected him. Let us hope that the same fate does not await the Great Architect


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