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Friday, 22 October 2010

Ministry of Truth

Hornet is pleased to bring you a new series, the Ministry of Truth Update, which brings you snippets and highlights from the most unread publication in the Royal Borough, the free council rag The Royal Borough (such an innovative title).

You may be interested to know, dear reader, this bluetop is produced six times a year, with 95,000 copies produced each month. It costs £48,392 to produce and £28,690 to deliver.

Funnily enough there are no statistics on readership! Wonder why...

The front page leader in Octobers edition opines on "Developing Great Schools" and features the temporary school at Holland Park and Chelsea Academy opening its doors. Much puffing about "the best facilities in the country". All of this out of tune with the Tory Government Michael Goves new policy of "free schools" that are decoupled from the dead hand of Town Halls. For some reason K&C is continuing a discredited and failed policy, with vigour, for reasons of personal importance and grandeur. Hornet thinks that Education is the councillors last train set to play with.

Also in the news is the new academy for North Kensington, where Cllr Campbell (the one who got on so well with her Redcliffe colleagues she switched to Royal Hospital) celebrates how happy she is with how "the plans for a new secondary school and leisure centre have received such unanimous support." Only she isnt really talking about the people who live next to the soon to be re-developed Ken Leisure Centre as they are most certainly dead against the plans! But then what has residents concerns got to do with anything in the RBKC anyway!

A depressing picture. A Conservative Council out of touch with its Government as well as its residents.

A little further into the rag, and we can see some missives over CrossRail. Something that is good for London but really expensive. The council announces that it has committed £55,000 of your money for a study to try and show evidence of need for a crossrail station in the North of the Borough. This is part of a slippery slope,  spending has started and it may well end up with council tax paying for a train station that should fall within the Transport for London budget.

But that got Hornet kind of wondering....

When not relaxing on a Bangkok sunlounger, Cllr Moylan is occasionally occupied as Deputy Leader of K&C and Deputy Chairman of Transport for London - the people who should be funding this exercise and if realised the station. Does that mean the decision to fund this study could have been influenced by the Great Architect Himself? The Dear Leader and his bloat of accolytes of course will not see it like this, they will see an inside man that he can influence to blow more K&C council tax reserves down the tracks! Oh how little do they know!

And in keeping with this series we shall leave the last word to the "Leaders Leader" and by that Hornet means the Dear Leader, of course (for it is he)...

Banging on about the Olympics, Hornet almost missed it but then she spotted it. The Dear Leader has a new photo, one that makes Him look almost human! Almost fanciable...........        Gok Wan eat your heart out....

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