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Monday, 25 October 2010

"If anything, I should be praised for this." Cllr Moylan on his £4000 DHL Courier Bill

Hornet is proud to have been the source of the revealing facts that Cllr Moylan has cost the boroughs tax payers thousands of pounds having so-called urgent papers delivered to his holiday home in Thailand over twenty times.

Now we have the councillor actually having the audacity to defend his actions, claiming we should be thankful for it! What a cheek!

Moylan is living in cloud cuckoo land and is trying to defend the indefensible. At a time when the country and city are faced with savage budget cuts it is ludicrous to even consider spending thousands on one councillor in this fashion can be considered acceptable. Its not

Lets have a look at Moylans homilies and deal with them one by one....

"I have business interests, which mean that if I am to be a good councillor, I put some extra hours in"

NONSENSE! If he has business interests that keep him away from the Town Hall, resulting in him having to have papers couriered to him at his holiday home, more than twenty times paid for by the tax payer, then he isn't value for money. Just because he says he is putting in extra hours, how does the taxpayer verify these claims? If he is away "on business" he wont have time to consider council business or his own personal business will suffer so exactly when does he fit in the council work? If his business interests conflict to this extent with his duties as a councillor, then he clearly cannot do both effectively.

"I like to represent residents in my ward fairly and properly, so I get documents sent to me while I am on holiday. "

BALDERDASH! The papers were all sent to the same country, Thailand, so one minute he has "business interests" abroad and the next he is on holiday, this confusion just adds to the controversy. No one would mind a councillor having a break, its important to recharge batteries and return afresh. But Moylan took over 20 trips that we know about that had papers couriered to him, possibly more. The best way to represent your constituents is to act like them, take one holiday a year for a couple of weeks if you're lucky enough to be able to afford one, and deal with constituent issues when you are back in the borough. He is on holiday so he could be at his antique pine inlaid desk in his oak paneled study, or he could be flicking through the papers with a pina colada around the pool chatting to his friends for all we know.

"It is the sign of a good councillor that I want to represent residents fairly, even when I am on holiday, and shows that I am doing a good job."

BUNKEM! The sign of a good councillor is one who represents his/her constituents views at the Town Hall and is accessible to them when needed. A councillor who buggers off to Thailand at the drop of a hat dozens of times and then expects the voters to pick up the tab so he can complete "urgent" work while away is definitely NOT the sign of a good councillor. Quite the opposite in fact. The only good job in this situation, is him getting the council tax payers to cough up so he can swan off when he likes.

"I do not see that I have done anything wrong"

No surprise there then Danny boy!

Hornet has some tips for Daniel, as she knows he reads this blog..
  1. When you go on holiday, do exactly that. Its important you get some r&r..
  2. While you are away the other two councillors in your ward can handle your casework (if you have any) until you get back, your constituents wont begrudge you one holiday a year.
  3. If you do have the need to sign some "urgent papers" then really you shouldn't be going away at all at that time, you should be in the borough.
  4. If you dont want to follow tips 1-3, then you need to consider resigning your position
  5. Refund the money by donating a sum at least equal to the amount paid to DHL to the Mayors Charity, Help for Heroes.

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