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Monday, 4 October 2010

NuGeneration NuLabour

Funny isnt how the "new generation" in charge of Labour is made up, largely of most of the old duffers in charge when the proverbial hit the fan in the last Labour government!

But while the world can relax from having to endure those two brothers constantly taking up the air time, eyes can move over to the coalition, which seems to be creaking. Not so much the comments of Dr Fox, of course as defence secretary he is going to be playing the sympathy card, as all spending ministers do in the run up to the spending review. Dr Fox knows he is in an ideal position to play up to the sentiments of the public with our boys and girls in the field needing the extra millions to pay for kit and the like. Its all smoke and mirrors and will come right in the end.

But there is a ticking time bomb in Baroness Warsi the Tory Chairman who is wheeled out every now and again to comment on this that and the other. Not only did she suggest that the reason the Tories failed to land a Commons majority was because of electoral fraud - but not actually saying what, when, why, where, or how - during her 2005 election campaign she put out some rather unpleasant literature.

She attacked Labour for lowering the age of consent, “allowing school children to be propositioned for homosexual relationships”. On the repeal of clause 28 she claimed that homosexuality was being, “peddled on children as young as seven in schools”, and when it was pointed out to her she bleated on about "why did I phrase it like that?". The answer is simple, to pander to the Muslim vote in her constituency.

She is a strong candidate for a sideways move, hopefully into obscurity.

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