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Tuesday, 1 August 2017


Though the Dame is rich beyond imaginings she would not wish to come up against Sir Pooter Cockell or Sir Delboy Myers in the High Court.
The aesthetic distress of having to look at these two be(k)nighted bounders-and worse, being in the same room, would be too much for the frail old thing.
Can all the sweet Hornet people bear this in mind when they accuse Delboy and Pooter.
Cornered rats can get desperate and the Dame has had to censor one or two very apt comments impugning the integrity of these outstandingly unpleasant knights.


  1. A court case would be a double edged sword. In the process they would have to answer many unpleasant or inconvenient questions under oath.

    But Dame is right, it is still a good practice to be civilized. At least we are all human (?) apart from Sad Badger?

    1. Indeed. They would not dare, for reasons stated. They might open a new can of worms, which may spill in the most unexpected way. As for SB cheeky blighter, but often right.

  2. Yes we must protect 'la dame '

  3. The Dame's Most Ardent Admirer1 August 2017 at 12:17

    Agreed. Legal threats are easily issued, but following through to court, very risky. Threatening litigation without a firm intention to do so is ill-judged. It ends up looking weaker than keeping silent.

    However, such threats distress the Dame. We can protect her by sticking only to provable statements; for instance something recorded in the press or official correspondence in residents' hands. Council records are unreliable. RBKC paperwork routinely disappears. We should refer to the councils leadership in general at a particular time, or its senior management. No names are needed. The Dame's highly intelligent correspondents will understand.

  4. Pooter and his sidekick would be well advised to keep quiet unless they want to be showered by a large bucket of shit.

  5. Well said Fly Swatter. Apparently, the police have about a million RBKC documents. Every one of them will be dated. The dates of Pooter's and Meyer's Hornton Street careers are a matter of public record. Enough said.


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