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Thursday, 24 August 2017


A dear reader has asked 'where is Sad Badger these days?
The Sad Badgers cruising with the Dame

The Dame can reassure readers that rumours the Sad Badgers had been gassed by the RBKC Parks Team are wide of the mark.
They are alive and well and enjoying the Dame's hospitality aboard SS Hornet. 
Sad Badger is very partial to the Dame's '50 Margaux......

The Dame's Elegant Mega Yacht


  1. Thank you Dame. Good to hear Sad Badger is well and being entertained. :)

  2. I think the Council and the TMO have been responsible for far more deaths than the Carnival .

  3. Dear human friends! I must confess, the Dame is an excellent host and we did have a jolly good time on the SS Hornet. i'm afraid that my capacity for good wines is not as capacious as our dear Dame. Not that I am calling a sot....Happy to be back

  4. I have heard the Dame needs to share a problem at a Chelsea 12 Step meeting

  5. Time to cull the badgers. Vermin who spread TB

    A cull is underway in the West Country to put down 20,000 of the pests

    1. Very sad indeed. Have lost some dear relatives in those still unjustified culls: there is no vet evidence that the incidence of TB has actually gone down. Why do you, silly humanoid, think that we have settled in a sett in Holland Park?
      As mentioned above, it is highly unlikely that the HP gardeners will turn senseless into exterminators. In fact, these nice chaps looked after our sett whilst cruising with the Dame.
      Oh, btw: the absence of my posts was not due to too much of Dame's excellent wine, but due to a sill techie mistake. I forgot my sad badger account password, required by Dame's state-of-the-art IT set up on the Hornet; so posted only a couple of replies as 'anon'. It is truly heartwarming, that someone on here, missed me.(?)

    2. Why so many people just read the news headlines and believe the propaganda like badger carries TB? Such short attention span.

    3. Put them down!


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