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Wednesday, 30 August 2017


Even aboard SS Hornet the Dame is never far from the rumours.

Can it true that Angela McConville, the much-disliked boss of 
Westway Trust is on the move?


  1. North Kensington rejoices! The era of Angela is over: The ill written self seeking me me me prose are history. Her never wanted sterile shopping centre 'Portobello Village' can now be canned.

    But what about the over £1 million pounds blown of fees, consultants, architects, and digital media follies? What will her two personal assistants do?

    For a supposed 'transformational' CEO, McConville, did actually precious little, apart from exclude those the Westway Trust was charity meant to serve. Apart from the now discarded Cllr Rock Fielding Mellen's secret property swoops, for want of a better word, to 'socially cleanse' North Kensington to make way for 'artisan' retail outlets and a multitude of prep schools.

    Did McConville walk or was she pushed yesterday? Chair Alan Brown says she off to the Greenwich Foundation, good luck with that. Under CEO McConville the Westway Trust was a revolving door of brand titles and salaries, it'd be far to say she was little liked. Locally there remains a bitter legacy even singing 'ding dong the wicked witch is dead' can't sweeten.

  2. Yes, she's leaving on October 27 to be CEO of the Greenwich Foundation for the Old Royal Naval College. The best that can be said about her is that she achieved absolutely zero in her time at Westway, unless you count alienating just about everyone in North Kensington as an achievement. As per usual, the price of failure in the heady world of charity chief executives is a sideways move to another lucrative post, £120,000-130,000 according to the most recent Greenwich Foundation financial statement.

    1. Just read The Greenwich Foundation website: the team and trustees look so nice and well meaning, the charity well organised and ship shape. Maybe they fell for Angela McConville's repeated use of 'that's amazing' 'that's amazing'.
      Look out Greenwich, a storm of meaningless management jargon heading your way, plus a re-organisation fever that'll leave working relationships strained, the back office in tatters, the reserves near exhausted... All for the cost of £120.000 makes you wonder why they do it?

  3. Basically run off now there's actual work to be done !

  4. Actually, she will still remain in the swamp; just moved sidewise. Let's hope that her departure will have a positive effect on the WT.

  5. The Westway Trust is a racket, second only to KCTMO. The aim of both has been the social cleansing of North Kensington. The current development is part of the plan. Expensive little boutiques will replace public facilities for low income families. Without notice, a long standing black sports club was replaced by an art gallery. For years the WWDT bullied and lied to the owner of the former WW riding school. Residents and staff have been bullied into silence. The Westway DisTrust is not a charity; nor is it independent. It's part of the decades-long, Council sponsored conspiracy against the people of North Kensington.

  6. One achievement is contracting out the sporting side of the Trust to Everyone Active - who are in the process of running everything down, making the facilities unattractive, rubbish and decay all over the Portobello Green gym, telling the community what is best for them rather than consulting with the community ... need I go on?

    1. 13.50 good post, if you have time suggest you re-post info to Westway 23 on Facebook (apology to Dame).

      Westway 23 are asking for the 23 acres held in trust by W.T to be returned to best community use, post Grenfell.

      Second its worth noting (others having calulated):

      "In 2015/16 the total income of the Westway Trust from all sources was £8.078 million and their total expenditure was recorded as £7.87 million. The Trust holds total assets, including property and land of £46.771 million which it is entrusted to manage for the benefit of the local community. The total net current assets that exclude property and land are £4.038 million which is raised largely through rental of land and premises under the Westway. With so much money floating around one would think that the local community should be able to see tangible benefits from the existence of the Westway Trust.'

      'This is sadly not the case! What is particularly shocking is that instead of the £8.07 million being used to benefit the local community a mind boggling 43% of this money is spent on the Westway Trust’s own inflated staff costs.'

      'These staff costs (that, we understand, include gold plated pension contributions) total an eye watering £3.479 million per annum.'

      'There are five highly salaried executive directors in addition to Ms McConville, who now earns a reputed £110-120k (almost as much as the Prime Minister) and who the Trust felt it appropriate to award a pay increase last year taking her salary to over £110,000.'

      'In 2015 there were three employees of the Westway Trust (in addition to Ms McConville) whose emoluments during the year ranged between £70,000 and £79,999.'

      'In 2016 the number of employees receiving a salary between £70,000 and £79,000 was reduced to two. In 2016 the total staff benefits paid to key Westway Trust management personal was a shocking £487,000 (reduced from £529,000 in 2015).'

      'During 2016, one of the Westway Trust Directors was engaged through a consultancy agreement. Estelle Burns, Director of Change was engaged through a personal service company, Juniper (HRM) Consulting Limited. The fees paid to that company in the year were £44,000 reduced from the sum of £78,000 that Juniper (HRM) Consulting received in 2015...'

      There's more...

      Come October 27th, many in North Ken believe that W.T needs a deep forensic audit, one that may now include Everyone Active.

  7. Transparent Angela we see throw you know . But they is still a lot to Answer this women is the least charity minded person how was she employed by another charity .because maybe playing with other people's money and fund raising is easier then straight deals

  8. It is thought that until the end of August, a key former WWT staff member was silenced by a confidentiality clause. Shortly after the clause lapsed, AMcC resigned. Coincidences are so strange.


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