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Sunday, 20 August 2017


Sometimes the old Dame allows herself the opportunity to get something non-RBKC off her chest....

A beautiful little seven years old boy is crushed to death by a mad religionist but who else has the boy's blood on his hands?
Only one answer: the 'King' of Saudi Arabia, Salman.

No other Islamic state does more to fund and propagate religious terror than Wahhabist run Saudi Arabia.

To see our Royal Family kowtowing to these murderous medievalists makes one's blood run cold.

Little Julian was murdered, at a remove, by Saudi Arabia.


  1. Peter Hitchens has been looking into these attacks and his article today is pretty good.

    Terrorists - or just drugged-up losers?

    Before anyone knew anything about any details of the Barcelona killings, all media had decided it was a terrorist attack.

    They had also plastered it all over the top of every bulletin and every newspaper. Why do we do this? As I don’t know the full facts, I accept that the culprits of the Barcelona massacre may turn out to be active and engaged terrorists, quite sane and acting under the orders of an Islamist high command.

    But I should add that it is at least equally likely that, like the culprits of the Nice, Berlin and London attacks, they will turn out to be petty criminal losers with a history of violence and longstanding drug habits, unconnected to any organisation.

    I have looked into all these past assassins. That is what they were, despite vigorous attempts by securocrats (and their media mouthpieces) to give them a serious purpose. Something similar, by the way, is true of the alleged culprit of the car attack in Charlottesville – a troubled army reject who was (and probably still is) on potent antipsychotic drugs after being diagnosed with serious mental illness, though you’d need a microscope to find any mention of this fact in most of the coverage.

    What purpose do we serve by leaping to conclusions as we do? Any deranged fantasist with access to a motor vehicle now knows that all he needs to do is drive that vehicle at speed into a crowd of pedestrians, and he will achieve the ghastly fame that all such people desire.

    We cannot ban cars or vans. We cannot put obstacles on every major street in every city.

    The more we portray these events as big and significant, the more they happen. The more we say we’re not going to let them change our way of life, the more we load ourselves with futile ‘security’ measures. And the more we ignore drug-taking in our society, the more unhinged people we have on our streets.

  2. We Too Have A Voice21 August 2017 at 10:15

    I agree with the Peter Hitchens analysis. If I was one of the sick/high people planning an attack like this, it would be overwhelming to see all the publicity. I would double my efforts to plan an even bigger disaster - publicity, notoriety, and 12 virgins when I got to heaven.

  3. Frankly, all these people making these attacks look the same, come from the same part of the world, and belong to the same Religion. Either it is setting off bombs, or screwing up Harrods, or driving loud cars around Knightsbridge, or fouling the Edgware Road, or wrecking London apartments. These guys love to come to our country and screw us over.

    Best thing is to ban the lot of them. Blanket ban. Ne need even for passports - easy to spot, just turn them around at the airports. The best way to create peer group pressure in their countries. The few responsible ones would make sure that all the nonsense stopped. They would find out the bad eggs in double quick time and in true Saudi fashion, throw them off the top of buildings or cut off their arms.

    Problem solved.

    1. This is a brilliant idea. And create huge peer group pressure in the UK also. These guys like their Mosques, which also act as training grounds for the terrorist crowd. There should be a rolling law: after every terrorist outrage, all Mosques closed down for three years. The bombs would stop immediately.....

    2. what is ironic, is that 'they' expect us to tolerate 'them', whilst if you went to their country, you will be expected to comply with 'their' code of conduct. elsewise, you may not be see ever again

    3. I Have Had Enough21 August 2017 at 17:45

      Need to fight these people on their own wavelength. For example, they do Honour killings if their daughters/sisters lose their virginity out of wedlock or with "infidels". This is their mentality. We should adopt similar measures that they understand.

      We have to start from the fundamental that if these guys want to come here and settle then they have to adopt our customs and behaviour. If they do not like like it, they should stay at home or return home. Zero tolerance for their nonsense. No more burkas, for a start.

  4. Another one of those Moroccans just shot dead by the police in Barcelona.

  5. Western forces will never defeat ISLAM waging terror in our land. We have to be clever and set up the system so that good Islam defeats bad Islam ie they sort themselves out. But the good guys need to be motivated and the only thing they understand and want is to be able to stay in Britain. So we need to threaten that privilege and they will get the message that they have to sort their own out. In the way that only they know.

    Get it?

  6. Jail the criminals!23 August 2017 at 17:36

    Just read today's Standard. From survivors & victim's meeting with PM that Mrs May heard about TMO culture and confirmed that TMO will be removed. Horay! What a joy to hear. Survivors & victims, you are the voice!! Really sorry that people had to die in order to remove the cancerous organisation though.

  7. And who protects these sadistic animals? Ex soldiers of our very own 22 SAS.

  8. Kensington and Chelsea Tenant Management Organisation has been relieved of its duties for the social housing estate where the Grenfell tower fire took place, Theresa May has confirmed.

    On Tuesday, the prime minister met privately with 70 Grenfell residents and informed them that the TMO would no longer be charge of the Lancaster West estate – which included the 24-storey tower that was engulfed in flames in June.

    KCTMO will continue to manage properties elsewhere in the borough despite criticism from residents that it had not listened to their safety concerns in the weeks and months before the tragedy, which claimed at least 80 lives.

    1. Oh so TMO isn't removed completely. Too bad.

  9. The leader has faced fresh calls to resign at another fraught public Grenfell Tower meeting. Elizabeth Campbell was again heckled and questioned over her competence at the Grenfell Response Team meeting on Wednesday (August 24).



  10. Theresa May has privately told survivors and relatives of victims of the Grenfell Tower fire that the Conservative-led Kensington and Chelsea council’s response to the disaster was slow and flawed.

  11. The public meetings are a place to let residents let off steam; they are not the place where the work is done. Neither Paget-Brown nor Feilding-Mellen would have survived even one of them.

  12. CWL Healthwatch have started to submit ‘Local people’s questions and concerns following the Grenfell Tower Fire’ to Kensington and Chelsea Council. The first submission (28 July 2017) is shown at this link:


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